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An Inside Look into the HITNMOVE Gear Celebrities Are Raving About

For well over a century, boxing has evolved into a popular sport that has united people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds around the world. Boxing has transformed from a simple pastime to a cultural phenomenon that transcends language and boundaries. Boxing mitts and gloves have become an enduring symbol of the sport, with phrases like “hold the mitts” and “glove up” adding to its allure.

Founded by Ozhan “Ozzie” and Alaina Akcakaya, HITNMOVE is a brand that represents a new era in the evolution of boxing equipment. With a strategic mindset infused with a lifetime of athletic experience, the Akcakayas are committed to making a lasting impact on the fitness world. 

Boxing’s traditions, rituals, and symbols have left an indelible mark on the minds of generations. HITNMOVE aims to build on that legacy by offering unique and innovative products for boxing enthusiasts and athletes.

The motto “Boxing Deserves Better” is a frequent reference for this strategic duo, reflecting their commitment to prioritizing superior quality, advanced technology, and ergonomics in all HITNMOVE’s products as they continue to establish their brand. Moreover, Ozzie is a certified Level 4 fitness expert with qualifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS). With his medical background in orthopedics and anatomy, Ozzie founded HITNMOVE to offer innovative training solutions that promote long-lasting health benefits for athletes.

The world’s first conditioning gloves

HITNMOVE recently launched its latest creation, which Ozzie describes as “the world’s first conditioning gloves.” These gloves are designed with built-in shock absorption and lightweight construction. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds (24oz), but made to be the same size as a sparring glove, their gloves are a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment for professional boxers looking to enhance their training experience without carrying unnecessary bulk. 

“Boxers have been using dumbbells to condition their muscles in punching moves,” Ozzie says, “but once you hold a dumbbell over 1.5 lbs during conditioning, two problems arise: one, you are hurting your rotator cuff; and two, you are limited to shadowboxing because you can not punch or hit the mitts with dumbbells.” 

However, making an ergonomic glove that weighs 1.5 lbs, includes soft weighted padding, and is the same size as a sparring glove — allowing boxers to spar and hit the bag or mitts while adding healthy conditioning to their regimen — was no easy task. So, Ozzie and Alaina found the phenomenal propriety technique of building Dr-T micro layered padding, ultimately allowing them to produce the smallest protective boxing gloves on the market. 

But Ozzie and Alaina did not stop with gloves. They also revolutionized the concept of coaching mitts by producing Micro Mitts in collaboration with orthopedic surgeons to allow coaches to train without getting tired or injured. 

A new “Creed” of boxing mitts

The HITNMOVE gloves are made from premium materials and reinforced with Dr-T (aka “dart”) Technology to increase comfort while maximizing safety. The HITNMOVE mitts were prominently featured in the adrenaline-fueled film, “Creed III,” and the film’s portrayal of the gloves as well as their impact on the athletes using them was a testament to their effectiveness. 

The HITNMOVE orthopedic mitts were tested in Creed III, as the main characters, Adonis and Damien, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors respectively, endured visceral punches that had the audience flinching in their seats. The safety of any celebrity actors and training coach is in safe hands — or, rather, safe mitts.

The film highlighted the incredible damage potential behind the weight of a well-placed hit, creating a palpable sense of intensity throughout. Boxing gloves are a symbol of the physicality, strength, and skill required in the sport, transcending language and capturing the attention of both the boxing community and the larger cultural conversation. When a brand like HITNMOVE creates innovative boxing technology, it continues to push the boundaries of the sport and captivate audiences worldwide.

HITNMOVE’s Dr-T gloves were designed to withstand even the most rigorous workouts and enhance the athlete’s training experience. They have received numerous testimonials for their innovative design, including a glowing video from renowned American actor, celebrity, and martial artist Frank Grillo.

The tech behind HITNMOVE mitts

So, why is HITNMOVE’s technology a game-changer for athletes? The answer lies in the company’s Dr-T Technology, which offers the perfect solution for athletes seeking a boxing glove that provides acceleration, feedback, and protection. Based on the science of ergonomics, these gloves are designed to transfer force from the feet and hips through the core, shoulders, and arms into the target. 

Additionally, the DR-T padding consists of microlayers that offer perfect protection for the knuckles without adding bulk to the gloves. “We brought protection and comfort into a very compact puncher’s glove,” Ozzie says. “This innovative technology makes the HITNMOVE Training Boxing Gloves the most comfortable and durable option.” 

The future of HITNMOVE looks bright. As athletes continue to demand more from their training equipment, HITNMOVE is sure to remain at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

In addition to the HITNMOVE mitts, the Akcakayas’ company offers a unique line of products that aim to improve the coaching and training experience for athletes. Along with their 1.5 lbs Conditioning Gloves and orthopedic Micro Mitts, these products include the Boxing Reflex Trainer, Turtle Mitts, and their state-approved ALL DAY® Pro Balance and Pro Agility Fight Gloves — all designed to help athletes achieve their best. 

Boxing demands exceptional physicality, strength, and skill, and the HITNMOVE boxing mitts have been expertly crafted to meet and surpass these demands. The composition of HITNMOVE products helps athletes train “ALL DAY®” by providing durable, high-quality equipment that can stand up to even the most rigorous workouts. 

The success of HITNMOVE is a testament to Ozzie and Alaina’s commitment to improving the athletic training experience and giving back to the community. With its innovative products and philanthropic initiatives, HITNMOVE is sure to continue to make waves in the fitness world.

In addition, HITNMOVE is also supporting a noble cause with its limited edition “I Stand for Ukraine” boxing glove. All profits from the sale of these gloves will be donated to the Hope & Homes for Children Ukraine cause with its limited edition “I Stand for Ukraine” boxing glove. All profits from the sale of these gloves will be donated to Hope & Homes for Children Ukraine.

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