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Today’s Top Tech News

  • by Franklin Okeke
    Find out what Bard means for developers and end users, as well as how this news fits within the larger AI chatbot landscape. The post Google’s AI chatbot is out to rival ChatGPT appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Adrian Bridgwater
    During the Civo Navigate 2023 conference, the company announced major product updates that can make Kubernetes implementation easier. The post Contained excitement, Kubernetes at the edge: Civo is taking this space one notch louder appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Megan Crouse
    Microsoft's ChatGPT integration into Bing offers refined search, chat, content generation suggestions, and more. The post Microsoft goes for Google with ChatGPT-enabled Bing search appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Simon Bisson
    Learn what Prometheus means for Microsoft’s approach to artificial intelligence. The post What does Microsoft Bing’s new AI assistant mean for your business? appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Megan Crouse
    Making employees feel valued is about company culture and work-life balance, a survey found. Remote work and diverse recruitment efforts can make a difference. The post One in four women in tech don’t feel valued appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Shelby Hiter
    The Zero-Copy Integration framework has been released for public access. Learn how it affects data governance and democratization for Canadian organizations. The post Zero-Copy Integration governance framework released for Canadian public access appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by TechRepublic Academy
    Answer emails and attend video meetings without lugging around your laptop. The post This touchscreen Lenovo Chromebook is now just $114 refurbished appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Franklin Okeke
    How does IIoT differ from IoT? What are IIoT's potential benefits and risks? Get answers to these questions. The post 3 things you should know about Industrial IoT appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Madeline Clarke
    Discover the advantages of Open RAN technology and how it is transforming the wireless network industry. Learn how Open RAN improves power management, system integration, reduces vendor lock-in and enables faster innovation. The post The benefits of Open RAN appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • by Karl Greenberg
    Ransomware was down last year, though LockBit led threat actors and employees opened a third of the toxic emails in the last six months of 2022. The post New cybersecurity data reveals persistent social engineering vulnerabilities appeared first on TechRepublic.