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The Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

The rise in cosmetic and plastic surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ most recent annual figures, almost $16.7 billion will be spent on cosmetic operations in the United States in 2020. According to the poll, 11% of women polled are more interested in cosmetic plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures now than before COVID-19. The proportion is considerably more significant among women who have already undergone surgery or a procedure. More individuals were utilizing video technology and were more conscious about how they appeared in public. Additionally, people from various industries worked remotely, giving them more time for elective surgery and rehabilitation. 

Techniques and laser technology utilized in specific surgeries have advanced considerably. We also have a greater understanding of aging and its physiological and anatomical repercussions, which allows us to treat face and whole body issues. The combination of technology and scientific inquiry has resulted in a safer, more efficient procedure with a shorter hospital stay than was previously necessary.

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that focuses on appearance. Breast reconstruction, burn surgery, and pediatric plastic surgery are all examples of plastic surgery operations that restore both form and function. Cosmetic surgeries have long been linked to people in Hollywood. In a world we live in today has advanced in terms of technology, and numerous social platforms have been introduced. The desire to look good has become everybody’s need. The Naderi Center is the most specialized and one-of-a-kind plastic surgery and dermatological clinic in the United States. The Naderi Center believes in specialization because “Specialization Matters,” especially when it comes to avoiding risk and getting the most incredible possible results. Each of the four board-certified specialists focuses only on particular and distinct fields of cosmetic surgery and dermatology. 

The Naderi Center may be a top-notch practice in the United States, with ultra-specialized plastic surgery procedures. Patients may feel secure knowing each of our physicians only provides operations they conduct regularly & skillfully. When an impartial business polled NAderi’s patients, over 97% stated they would refer Naderi to a friend or family member. Specialization also means that doctors may reliably advise patients on what aesthetic outcomes are possible, including all relevant facts such as risks, downtime, and recovery. 

In poor and middle-income nations, there is a rising recognition of the relevance of surgical conditions in the overall illness burden. The disability-adjusted life year is the primary indication of the impact of premature death and disability, including temporary incapacity (DALY). The definition of a DALY is the sum of life years lost owing to sudden death and years lived with disability, adjusted for severity.  

A modest change in cosmetic surgery can have a tremendous impact. Whether you want anti-aging treatments to make you seem younger or cosmetic operations to make you love your body more, The Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, led by world-renowned reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS, has the knowledge to help you reach your objectives. Dr. Shervin Naderi, MD, practices Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery in Chevy Chase, MD, and is affiliated with Inova Fair Oaks Hospital and Inova Fairfax Hospital. 

The Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is the biggest plastic surgery clinic in the United States, attracting patients from all over the country and the world. It is recognized for the exceptional training and experience of its surgeons. The Naderi Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is home to The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction. This reconstructive entity focuses on a variety of cutting-edge reconstructive procedures to treat various debilitating conditions for patients who were previously told there was nothing that could be done to help them.

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