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Could This Man Singlehandedly Save American Business Rights?

“The FTC’s calculated expansion of remedies available under § 13(b) of the FTCA are unbridled. They were not authorized by Congress. They violate Constitutional rights, affecting thousands of people who are left with no practical remedy. This court should rein in this runaway horse.”

This is the closing statement from attorney and American Hero, Daryl Williams, in his amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court on October 2, 2020.

Daryl Williams is on a mission to stop abusive government overreach and restore free enterprise to the American people.

With a storied career, including winning the largest civil case in the state of Arizona’s history, and being responsible for restoring the rights of diabetics to fly planes in America, Williams is currently representing executives of Success By Health, a direct marketing company, known for their gourmet coffees and teas.

He is working tirelessly to maintain the constitutional rights of all involved and is willing to stand up with a controversial case involving the Federal Trade Commission. Williams believes that everyone, including government agencies, must follow the law, and he is determined more than ever to ensure that business owners are afforded their right of due process when accusations are made against them.

For decades, the FTC has been using the law (13B) to freeze the assets of business owners with a process that in some cases included appointing a Receiver to take over businesses before the business owners ever have an opportunity to be heard. In consideration of Mr. Williams’ amicus brief, along with several others, the Supreme Court ruled on April 22nd that the FTC’ behavior was in point of fact not aligned with the law as the Supreme Court saw it.

All Americans should thank Mr. Daryl Williams for his current work representing Jay Noland and the executives of Success By Health and his unwavering patriotism to ensure liberty and justice for all. Mr. Williams is a true hero standing in the gap and preserving the American dream.

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