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Importance of Toys in Kids Education

Early Childhood and Role of Toys

Early childhood is a highly sensitive period of a kid’s life. The experiences and growth of this phase have a significant impact on the coming years. Perry and Pollard stated that the human brain undergoes explosive development in the early years of life, so lack of nutrition and few smell and touch experiences may lead to inadequate growth and abnormalities in children. Parents can’t afford to neglect these super essential days of their kids’ life, they are more conscious and vigilant towards their children’s needs. Toys are a great source of maximizing a child’s experiences and expands his vision to lead him towards creativity. Every child is unique and special, so how can parents compromise with their little ones’ substandard toys? Toys, toys, safety, and reliability are particular concerns of parents while selecting their kids’ toys. Because toys are not only for playing, they are full of learning and exploring. 

Here, Play Brainy plays a vital role in spreading knowledge and learning packed in beautiful toys and sensorial material.

Play Brainy 

Play Brainy

Play Brainy is a toys providing company established in New York. We are serving by giving quality educational toys for babies and toddlers, also promoting fun-based learning. We are continually working on launching the latest age-appropriate toys with the best services to our customers. 

Reasons to Choose Play Brainy Toys 

Montessori Play Brainy Educational toys are immaculately designed to meet children’s academic needs and fun. Education is no more restricted with books and classrooms, toys like puzzles, blocks, games, colours, sets related to mathematical concepts, etc. are playing an essential role in children’s academics. Let us explore together how toys can assist us in the learning of kids.

Cognitive  and Intellectual Development 

Modern Montessori classrooms are filled with toys. Montessori emphasized cognitive and intellectual education that is nearly related to a child’s liberty. Berliner, M.S.(1975). Good toys promote liberty and freedom, as well.  Researchers have also observed that children learn problem-solving skills by using Montessori toys and sensorial material. Bahatheg, R.O. (2011). Play BrainyToys like puzzles and building blocks, challenge children’s little minds that boost their IQ level and cognitive skills.

Enhances Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Children like to play with toys that stimulate their muscles and improve their health. Playing with different Play Brainy Toys enhances fine and gross motor skills essential for further academic accomplishments.

Improves Eye-hand Coordination and Concentration

Usually, children have a short attention span, their attention wayward from one object to another creates problems in their educational activities. Toys are highly recommended to improve the eye-hand coordination and concentration of children.

Stimulates Imagination and Creativity

Toys provide children with an opportunity to use their imagination and make something innovative and new. Play Brainy blocks, slimes, puzzles, are the best products to be manipulated by children freely.

Enhances Emotional and Social Intelligence

Social and Emotional intelligence is an integral part of the personality development of kids. Different Play Brainy toys are designed to promote other emotions like empathy, kindness, affection etc. Children learn them by role-playing with their fellows.

Develops Senses

Play Brainy Toys sharpens the senses of children by their smooth textures, captivating colours and design. They are so compelling that kids love to play with them for long periods. They are supportive in restring screen time of children.

Play Brainy Products

Play Brainy products are durable, safe and attractive with captivating colours. They are specifically designed according to the needs of children. They are excellent for teaching alphabets, numbers, and various concepts simultaneously enhancing other skills. 

Play Brainy Magnetic Toy Car Set

It is a brilliant educational toy for girls and boys, children love to play with it by its superb colours and textures. It helps in improving eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. This set consists of 42 beautiful pieces.

Where to Buy Play Brainy Products?

I am sure, Parents like me are now super excited to buy Play Brainy Toys for their kids. So, no worries, the wait is over, Just click here and grab your favourite Toys. Present as the loveliest gifts to your children and enjoy the best services of Play Brainy.


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