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California’s Towing Punishes The Disadvantaged with Unaffordable Fines and Loss of Vehicle.

The Bayer Foundation Advocates for rights; and Investigation.


California financially devastated vulnerable citizens throughout the pandemic, continuing to take away critical resources. On March 15th California called for the first ‘stay-at-home’ order for 40 million Americans. Governor Newsom’s Also insisted for “home isolation of all those 65 years or older and all those with chronic conditions” who are the most susceptible to the virus. Businesses were grouped based on the importance of service for needing to stay open. The goal was to control the location and movement of human interaction in order to slow the progression of COVID-19. Tow companies were allowed to stay open throughout the pandemic as an emergency service considered essential. The ACLU along with 40 organizations requested a statewide moratorium on towing vehicles “other than those necessary for public safety or criminal enforcement.” Instead, politicians made inconsistent changes and nearly each city had different rules. When there is limited parking due to more people at home and a coin shortage, towing from meters on side streets is a non-emergency service.

The California Tow Truck Association on their website attributes their “success at the State Capital.” by using “money to elect or defeat political candidates and ballot measures.” “CTTA has been successful because of our very active, aggressive and committed Legislative Committee.” Why does a nonprofit need such an aggressive active team of lobbyist from Ellison Wilson Advocacy. CTTA explains due to the election “the towing industry will undoubtedly face serious challenges.” In this case we couldn’t agree more. Towing for non-safety purposes was allowed even from private property many after hours of operation. The DMV, whose doors were closed to the public still, assessed tow liens – clearing the way for loss of ownership for those without means. We ask the Attorn general to investigate CTTA’s PAC FUND and fundraising to consider stripping them of their tax exempt status. Making sure four times the rate of parking at $65 per day is not a community or public service.

Tow truck companies refused to tow vehicles back to the owners even if all fees were paid. Therefore the only way to get the car back was to pick them up in person, exposing at risk communities. “A half-million vehicles a year in California are impounded and sold, many belonging to poor people living in them.”Cal Matters. Before the pandemic in California 16,000 people lived in their cars. Currently, there is not an update but one can expect that number has risen heavily and taking someone’s home to car is difficult to distinguish.

The Bayer Foundation is a nonprofit in LA that supports veterans, seniors, and those with chronic conditions; confirmed handicapped cars were targeted. The office started to get correspondence from those who were following CDC guidelines as ‘safer inside, asking for assistance to help get their cars back. Alexa a volunteer, while working with a disabled veteran who couldn’t pay the $2,400 to retrieve was told “there are no COVID discounts”. Too often those with health challenges are treated like deer, while those in power act as hunters. We’ve seen enough to stop this hunting season and will gather the numbers needed for defense and if necessary offense. Asked if the foundation would pursue legal action they declined to answer. The Foundation has asked for those affected by predatory towing to contact them at

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