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10 Hottest GTM Startups in 2024, According to Revenue Execs

More than 30% of sales-related activities can be automated with today’s technology (McKinsey), underscoring the critical role that advanced sales tools play in driving business growth and competitiveness.

Startups making waves this year are providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of modern sales teams, some even by leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance every stage of the sales process. 

It hasn’t been the prettiest year for giants such as SalesForce, but the new wave of sales products is memorable enough for sales and marketing executives to highly recommend this set of tools.


Walnut is gaining attention in the sales technology industry with its cloud-based platform aimed at improving software sales demos. 

The company’s solution enables sales teams to create personalized, interactive demo experiences for individual prospects, addressing common industry challenges like lengthy sales cycles and generic presentations. Walnut’s platform features real-time analytics to help optimize demo performance and potentially increase conversion rates. Walnut is establishing a new category in sales technology centered around interactive and data-driven presentations by focusing on a tailored approach to product demos.


Recently funded, Clay is transforming go-to-market (GTM) strategies with its AI-powered platform that centralizes lead information and enables personalized messaging for sales teams. By integrating GPT-4, Clay has developed Claygent, an AI agent capable of efficiently researching and summarizing information from websites, significantly speeding up the sales outreach process. This innovation allows a single person to manage tasks traditionally handled by entire teams. The company has experienced rapid growth, with a tenfold increase in revenue over the past two years and a substantial user base, including clients like Intercom, Verkada, and Notion. Clay’s AI-driven approach is streamlining data aggregation and research, making it a notable player in the sales technology industry.


Sendspark is a web-based AI sales tool designed to enhance business communication through personalized video messaging. It enables users to create videos, embed them in customized landing pages, and send them via email by integrating with popular email marketing services. Known for its screen recording capabilities, Sendspark distinguishes itself by allowing videos to be shared on branded landing pages featuring company logos, colors, and custom domains. Additionally, it leverages AI to deliver dynamic, personalized video content to each contact, aiming to enrich the sales process and improve engagement.


Dooly is a sales enablement tool designed to boost sales productivity by providing reps with essential prospect information and resources. It features a connected workspace for sharing critical deal information, accessible content storage, and sales templates for streamlined selling. Dooly syncs with Salesforce, ensuring accurate and clean prospect data, and offers tools for detailed note-taking, task editing, and pipeline management. By preventing siloed selling and enhancing communication and collaboration, Dooly helps sales teams prioritize tasks and manage opportunities more effectively.


Correlated offers a sales productivity solution that utilizes product-led insights to boost conversion rates, foster business growth, and enhance customer retention. It facilitates the creation of automated playbooks driven by user engagement metrics, aimed at generating Product Qualified Leads (PQLs). Notable features include real-time notifications, integrations with Slack and Salesforce for seamless communication and data management, automated opportunity routing, and tools for personalized customer messaging based on detailed data insights.


folk is a comprehensive CRM platform designed to centralize and streamline relationship management across various domains including sales, recruiting, partnerships, community engagement, investing, and fundraising. Offering robust automation capabilities, folk enables users to save time, enhance efficiency, and optimize outcomes by managing all relationships within a unified platform. It supports integration with a range of third-party tools and platforms such as Make, Zapier, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, Mailchimp, Outlook, and Slack, facilitating seamless data flow and enhancing operational agility across different business functions.

Conga CPQ

Conga CPQ, formerly known as Apptus CPQ, is a cloud-based sales management platform tailored for enterprise companies seeking streamlined quote creation processes. It leverages guided selling, pricing guidance, and margin protection features to scale effective sales strategies across organizations. Conga CPQ ultimately enables sales representatives to generate detailed quotes swiftly and accurately. This efficiency not only accelerates the quote-to-deal conversion process but also improves win rates, addressing the challenge of sales readiness among B2B decision-makers.


ChurnZero is a customer success platform focused on enhancing customer retention through personalized experiences and data-driven insights. It excels in customer segmentation, enabling businesses to categorize users based on extensive data for targeted engagement strategies that cater to diverse customer needs. Key features include customer health scoring, real-time alerts, customer journey mapping, and robust reporting capabilities. By assessing product usage and renewal likelihood, ChurnZero empowers businesses to proactively manage customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving long-term retention and business growth. offers automated summarization, transcription, and action item generation services, relieving users from the task of taking meeting notes. Ideal for professionals, hybrid teams, and students, enhances productivity by providing insights and facilitating follow-up actions directly from conversations. The platform includes OtterPilot for automated participation and transcription in Zoom meetings, Otter Live Notes for real-time transcripts and summaries during Zoom sessions, and Zoom Sync for automatic transcription of Zoom cloud recordings. These features support seamless integration with Zoom, enabling users to access and interact with transcripts via web browsers for enhanced collaboration and documentation.


Scratchpad serves as a sales acceleration tool designed to enhance team collaboration and visibility throughout the sales process and pipeline. It facilitates seamless integration with Salesforce, enabling teams to swiftly access updates, add notes, and review deals directly from any web application. Key features include pipeline management, call intelligence, deal rooms, and automated functionalities, empowering sales development representatives (SDRs) to streamline their workflow and optimize sales efficiency.

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