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Space In-Between In Goldy’s Corner

It’s time to share an article that everyone needs to read. It’s a light, motivational, and super-inspiring piece titled “Space In Between”. This gem was sparked by a conversation with the multifaceted Pete Evick—author, entrepreneur, owner of Shining Soul Candle Company, and front guitarist for The Bret Michaels Band. This chat was a game-changer for me, and I know it will be for you too. So, let’s spread the word and inspire each other!

Now, there’s a double dose of inspiration here. I roll up to the post office, no makeup, hair in a messy bun, looking like I just raided the fridge at midnight. My postman, Aaron, introduces me to a new hire and tells me to share what I do. I was about to shy away, but then Aaron jumps in a full-fledged wrestling hype promo about me!

“Goldy is a pro wrestler, manager, she’s a professional photographer, she’s in a rock and roll band that’s played for years. This girl has so much talent and she’s been in the industry going at it making money in a living at it for such a long time. She’s such a complete success! She’s a big deal Look her up!” I stood in bewilderment. You don’t hear these kinds of accolades every day. It was so appreciated and refreshing.

As entertainers, we often dodge social gatherings because of relentless, invasive questions about our lives and careers. Aaron’s words were a beautiful reminder of what success truly means. He nailed it when he said, “Goldy is an entertainer. She’s been making a living at it for her whole life.”

Rewind to my conversation with Pete Evick. Pete, in his epic wisdom, said, “Goldy, there’s a big space between being a bar band and Metallica. There are countless niches where you can celebrate your God-given talents, make a living, and be happy.” We don’t often talk about that “space in between,” but it’s crucial.

Think about it: that small business down the street might not be viral, but they’re happy, fulfilled, and making a living doing what they love. This deserves acknowledgment and celebration.

Not everyone needs a college degree to succeed. Trade and vocational skills are equally important. If you’re putting food on the table, paying bills, and contributing to society, you’re a success.

Success isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s the artist creating beautiful works, the chef serving delicious meals, and the tradesperson mastering their craft. Recognize and celebrate these diverse paths. Every journey adds to the rich tapestry of our society, and every form of success deserves honor.

And speaking of success, Pete’s son Gavin is blazing his own trail in music. With his band, Gavin’s been racking up recognition for his original songs and killer performance style. It’s only a matter of time before Gavin’s “space in between” rockets him to full-fledged rock star status. Check out Gavin’s new single, Young Wild And Free!

Let’s keep spreading this light, motivation, and inspiration. You’re enough.


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