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Breaking Records and Boundaries: The Grand Butterfly Gathering’s Bold Ambition to Create Transformation Awareness

The Trueness Project gathers the largest number of people dressed as butterflies globally.

Jackson Hole, WY, June 29, 2024 – In an unprecedented celebration of transformation and unity, The Trueness Project, led by M. Teresa Lawrence, is poised to make history with The Grand Butterfly Gathering.

Sponsored by The Los Angeles Tribune and supported by the City of Jackson Hole, its Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and citizens, and Butterfly captains around the globe, this extraordinary event, set against the picturesque backdrop of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, aims not just to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as butterflies but to weave a global tapestry of authenticity and change.

M. Teresa Lawrence, the visionary founder of The Trueness Project, initiated this vibrant movement from a place of deep personal grief and resilience during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s all about transformation,” Lawrence reflects. “We’re never done. That’s the whole story of humanity.”

M. Teresa Lawrence, the visionary founder of The Trueness Project sharing her vision during The Grand Butterfly Gathering Retreat in Costa Rica.

A Vision of Authenticity

The Trueness Project, a non-profit organization, champions honesty, integrity, and authenticity. Their mission is clear: to empower individuals and communities to live their truth and make a positive impact on the world. This mission comes alive through various programs, from online mentoring and innovative teaching of the performing arts to experiential events and community outreach. Central to their ethos is the belief that living authentically is the key to happiness and fulfillment, creating meaningful connections and stronger communities.

The Birth of a Butterfly

The journey to The Grand Butterfly Gathering began with a significant step – a retreat in Costa Rica earlier this year. From February 19-25, leaders and influencers from around the globe gathered amidst Costa Rica’s natural splendor. They engaged in transformative activities such as storytelling, waterfall hiking, and sunset cruising.

Participants like Muriel Blanc, proprietor of Muriel Xpressions, found the retreat profoundly impactful. “I met people from across the USA, Canada, and Kenya. From it, I go back with valuable friendships, support, empowerment, and a lasting passion for building community,” Blanc shared.

The Trueness Project’s Costa Rica retreat brought together beautiful souls from many walks of life who bonded profoundly over shared hopes of creating positive change.

Gathering of Leaders during The Grand Butterfly Gathering Retreat in Coasta Rica last February 2024.

A Record-Breaking Vision

On this day, June 29th, 2024, the Davey Jackson Elementary soccer field transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors as people from around the world gather to don butterfly costumes to break the current world record set by Lincoln School in New Jersey. But this gathering is about more than numbers. It’s a celebration of resilience, creativity, and the human spirit. Participants will not only don wings but embody the spirit of transformation.

In preparation, Lawrence faced numerous challenges, from costume regulations to logistical hurdles. “You pivot, and you change,” she reflects. “That’s leadership.”

The event promises a vibrant blend of music, art, and dance, uniting participants across cultures and borders in a shared vision of growth and connection.

Global Unity in Flight

The Grand Butterfly Gathering transcends geographical boundaries. Headed by Grand Butterfly Captains from around the world, people dressed in butterfly also joins virtually in their own time zones, creating a global chorus of wings fluttering in unison.

Being on an earlier time zone, Kenya, Nepal and East Africa already had The Grand Butterfly gatherings.

Grand Butterfly gathering from Samuel Nyandika
Kibra, the largest slum in East Africa
Grand Buttefly Gathering from Monica Zabibu, a journalist
Kisii Kenya
Grand Butterfly Gathering in Morang Nepal
Grand Butterly gathering in Nairobi, Kenya

True to the vision of The Trueness Project, these empowered individuals and communities are learning to embrace honesty, integrity and authenticity, and build a more compassionate society where everyone is empowered to thrive.

A Call to Action

As the world watches, The Grand Butterfly Gathering invites everyone to be part of this historic moment. Whether in Jackson Hole or joining virtually, participants are encouraged to spread their wings and take flight towards a more authentic, compassionate world.

For those inspired to join or support this transformative event, visit for more information and sponsorship opportunities.


Together, let’s create a butterfly effect that transforms lives and builds a future where authenticity and compassion reign supreme.

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