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From Ethics to the Future of AI: Over 50 Experts Share Groundbreaking Insights at Virtual A.I. Symposium

The Virtual A.I. Symposium, a premier event hosted by, concluded its second 2024 gathering on June 21st and 22nd, marking a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence. Over the course of two days, more than 50 distinguished speakers from four different countries delivered valuable insights, explored cutting-edge advancements, and tackled ethical considerations, all within a dynamic virtual setting.

The symposium, which ran from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST each day, was designed to foster a global dialogue on AI. Topics ranged from the ethics of artificial intelligence and future AI trends to practical applications in social selling, digital marketing, insurance claims, construction, AI coding, and the development of text and voice bots. Attendees also gained practical tips, tricks, and shortcuts to enhance their everyday lives.

Key Highlights:

  • Ethics Debates: Engaging discussions on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence set the stage for thoughtful deliberations on responsible AI use.
  • Keynote Speakers: Insightful presentations by industry leaders provided a forward-looking perspective on AI’s emerging trends.
  • Panel Discussions: Expert panels covered a variety of AI-related topics, including innovations in digital marketing, insurance claims, construction, and more.

In-Depth Panel Insights:

Several insightful panels featured entrepreneurs who shared how AI has propelled their businesses forward. Manuj Aggarwal, a high-level executive in the AI community, discussed how AI-driven analytics transformed his business strategies. Jonathan Caudill of Legacy Building Consultants demonstrated the impact of AI on national success in the insurance industry. Jeff Ross, a social selling master, revealed how leveraging AI tools has skyrocketed his sales and marketing efficiency.

Phil Better, an AI consultant specializing in branding and marketing, illustrated how AI-driven customer insights have revolutionized his approach to market segmentation and targeting. Meanwhile, Tobias Patch, Tobias Patch, Co-Founder of Teched Out Pros and AI implementation consultant, showcased their AI which handled the communication for the symposium by answering questions and giving feedback and support to the attendees via text messages.

Conversations with AI Consultants and Coaches:

Conversations with leading AI consultants, coaches, and mentors provided attendees with actionable insights and the latest applicable tools for businesses. Jonathan Mast, a global AI coach and consultant, highlighted AI tools that enhance decision-making processes. Kristian Moore, an AI developer specializing in voice and text AI bots, shared groundbreaking advancements in conversational AI that are redefining customer service.

Trevor Fowler, Chief AI Officer at PremiumAi.Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm: “I am thrilled to be a speaker at this global event, which aims to educate and unite people from all corners of the world on the topic of AI. By making this event free and virtual, barriers are removed, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the transformative power of AI.”

Ethics Debates:

One of the most enlightening aspects of the symposium was the series of debates between leaders in the AI space on the topic of regulating AI versus individual responsibility. These debates offered diverse perspectives on the balance between innovation and ethical considerations, addressing concerns about AI’s potential impact on privacy, employment, and societal norms.

Get Involved!

The symposium not only facilitated an exchange of groundbreaking ideas but also laid the groundwork for an ongoing community of entrepreneurs, speakers and influencers, AI professionals and enthusiasts. Attendees can continue to engage with daily AI insights for 30 days and networking opportunities post-event by registering at or by texting “AI” to 512-865-4065.

About the Organizer:

Tom Simmons is the visionary founder of and the driving force behind the AI Symposium. With a deep commitment to fostering global education and community building in the AI field, Tom has created a platform that brings together diverse voices and perspectives to explore the future of artificial intelligence.

For further details, or to register for continued post-event engagement, please visit or text “AI” to 512-865-4065, or contact

About the Co-Hosts:

Michael Silvers is the VP of Client Development at The Los Angeles Tribune, Managing Partner of the LA Tribune Podcast, and a former Executive Vice President at Tony Robbins. Michael’s expertise in client development and his extensive network have been instrumental in elevating the symposium’s reach and impact.

Sandee Sgarlata is the creator and host of the Happiness Solved Podcast and Managing Director of the LA Tribune Podcast. With a passion for personal development and positive psychology, Sandee brings a unique perspective to the AI discourse, focusing on the human aspects of technological advancements.

Karen Hall is the creator and host of The Hero Within Podcast and Managing Director of LA Tribune Women’s Journal. Karen’s commitment to empowering voices and sharing stories of resilience and innovation has added a rich narrative dimension to the symposium, highlighting the intersection of AI and human potential.

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