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Phil Gammage Brings Old Americana to Life in New “Redeemed” Album

Phil Gammage, a fixture in the New York blues rock scene, released his album Redeemed this past February. This sought-after performer has toured the world, showcasing his own brand of junkyard post-punk blues, and has even opened for the likes of Elvis Costello, RL Boyce, and Junior Brown. Redeemed is a compilation of all the songs that he performed onstage prior to releasing them.

Redeemed—a follow-up to his 2021 album From Nowhere to Somewhere—features Gammage’s trademark smooth voice, as well as his knack for storytelling. Fans of Gammage range from country, to blues, to post-punk listeners; and with a career that spans almost 45 years, Gammage’s new album shows his genuine passion for music, as well as his talent for creating songs that feature Americana front and center. 

“Redeemed,” the titular track of the album, is a throwback to the style of past blues singers and old gospel music. The video was filmed as a sort of love letter to the people and places that the singer has called home over the course of his career.

“No doubt this was one of the most fun videos to work on, and it also took the longest: one year,” Gammage says. “Our patience paid off, and all of the visuals are outstanding.”

Gammage, who is a New York-based roots and Americana songwriter and recording artist, has released eight solo albums before Redeemed. Former albums from the Texas native include It’s All Real Good (2019), Used Man For Sale (2016), Booze, Blues, and New Tattoos (2015), and Adventures in Bluesland (2014).

The song’s meaning—which is about one man’s quest for redemption in his everyday life—is reflected in the music video, which was shot at multiple locations to capture the feelings expressed within the music of the title track. Location shoots ranged from Wildwood and Ashbury Park in New Jersey, as well as Kingston, New York. When viewed in the music video, the images captured create a fast-moving and fun style that showcases the essence of Phil Gammage’s song.

Gammage’s reflection of his own life and work shine through in both the song and the video, and it is a homage to the great stories and images that make up America. 

Gammage either performs as a solo artist (his 2019 European solo tour in particular) or with a full band. His recent performances include events such as the Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival, Porch Stomp!, CBGB Festival, and BluesCraft Summer Festival. The depth he brings to his music is reminiscent of notable artists such as Johnny Cash. Buzz from his new album includes praise from places like Americana U.K. (England), as well as from United States and France publications. 

When not touring, Gammage likes to write essays on Medium, and he also offers guitar lessons out of his home studio, a client’s remote location, or even online through Zoom or Skype. His passion for music is undoubtedly a selling point in his career, which makes Gammage a figure not only to watch but also to admire.

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