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Musician Gianfranco Pescetti Blends Genres in “Daystar Nocturnal”

Traditional dance music is defined as specifically clearing the way for or going along with dancing. Blending synth stabs, hi-hats, and four-to-the-floor bass drums, dance music has a history steeped in disco, house, techno, and trance. While this music genre has managed to maintain its position as a major force in the musical landscape, musician Gianfranco Pescetti refuses to allow traditional confinements of various genres to limit his artistry. 

This musical composer and producer is now based in Haiku, Hawaii, but is originally from the Tuscan Island of Capraia in Italy and spent a portion of his life in France. During his childhood, Pescetti was exposed to the musical stylings of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, all music his brother loved and laid the foundation and proved influential along the artist’s journey. 

As Pescetti grew older and was able to choose his own records, his tastes leaned toward the post-punk scene, specifically the Cocteau Twins, who are still his favorite band to this day. But this artist draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres and artists, including contemporary chillwave acts and musical legends like Depeche Mode and The Cure. As Pescetti’s tastes evolved, he developed a love for David Bowie and Kate Bush, appreciating their abilities to create a magical, musical world. But it was “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer in 1977 that really paved the way for Pescetti’s exploration into dance music. 

Deciding to cross seas, Pescetti relocated to the United States. Continuing to build and develop his musical career, the composer moved to San Francisco, where he became an active participant in the Golden Gate City’s music scene, playing bass guitar for various bands like Alfred, which he founded with singer/guitarist Jane Woodman and cellist Zoe Keating. After the 2014 release of Love is Rain, his debut solo album, Pescetti felt he had hit a creative wall and that life was getting in the way. Switching lanes to explore a career in landscape architecture, Pescetti eventually accepted that a huge part of himself, who he was, was missing—and returned to music. The artist went to work, building himself a new studio, picking up his bass, and educating himself on the amazing new software that had evolved over the years.

Now, nearly ten years after Love is Rain, Pescetti has released his second album titled Daystar Nocturnal, following the success of his most recent singles in 2023. A collection of songs encompassing an indie electronic feel with elements of ambiance, Daystar Nocturnal highlights this talented artist’s gifts on bass and his strong capacity as a producer. The album is a personal journey for Pescetti that he hopes can transcend to the listeners of his music. 

Pescetti returns to his roots with elements that lean toward classic EDM flavors while exploring the connections between light and darkness. For Pescetti, music is not about limiting yourself to the definitions of musical genres, pursuing the flow that the music leads him to, and often crossing musical boundaries. Daystar Nocturnal plays with elements of light, melodic inspirations, and, more serious, ambient examples of sounds, making it hard to ignore the technical and artistic skills that went into the musical tapestry of this inspirational musician. 

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