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Corey Maison Speaks Out: First Interview Since Going Viral as an Underage Trans Advocate

Corey Maison’s name resonates deeply within the LGBTQ+ community, and for good reason, as her name is synonymous with resilient transformation. She might be known for her vibrant Instagram presence, but Corey’s journey into the public eye wasn’t by choice. Through the unwitting exposure of her underage transition story, Corey now finds herself braving opinion and headlines. This first-hand account reveals the heart and soul behind the viral sensation, a young woman navigating her truth with courage and the unyielding support of her family.

Navigating Vulnerability

Corey’s story of transformation began with an internal struggle familiar to many transgender individuals: the profound disconnect between her assigned gender at birth and her true identity. Inspired by Jazz Jennings, Corey found a beacon of hope in Jazz’s dignified and open approach to her own transition. “Watching Jazz live her truth gave me the courage to face my own fears,” Corey recalls.

The early days of Corey’s transition were intense and vulnerable. Coming out to her family was a monumental step, understandably fraught with fear and uncertainty for Corey. Luckily, her mother, Erica, who is now her dad, Eric, offered unwavering support and provided a critical lifeline. “Eric’s immediate acceptance was like a fortress around me,” Corey shares. It was his love that gave me the strength to keep going.”

Eric became one of Corey’s strongest allies. “Seeing my dad evolve in his understanding of who I am was incredibly powerful,” she reflects, which is especially poignant as she notes, “My real dad and stepdad both disowned me.”

Community played an indispensable role as well. Online forums and local support groups offered practical advice and a sense of belonging that was crucial during Corey’s transition. “Knowing there were others out there who understood my struggles made all the difference,” Corey emphasizes.

Rising to Public Recognition

Corey, though slightly caught off-guard by the attention her transition journey gained, took it all in stride with features on major platforms like Good Morning America and USA Today. This exposure, while initially daunting, allowed her to bring awareness and visibility to the challenges faced by transgender individuals.

As Corey’s story went viral, she found herself in a position to inspire and educate others on a global scale. Her public recognition at a young age brought both admiration and scrutiny, but Corey remained firm in her mission. “I knew that sharing my journey could help others feel less alone,” she says. Her openness and authenticity have dismantled stereotypes and challenged societal stigmas, making her a beacon of hope for many.

The Ripple Effect

For Corey Maison, it isn’t just about her now. By sharing her experiences, Corey has contributed to a wider understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals. “I want to inspire others to embrace their truth.” The hope is that this demonstration of courage can help foster an environment of acceptance for future generations. Support systems are important—be it family, friends, or community—in navigating and even thriving in the complexities of transitioning.

“Every time someone tells me my story helped them or gave them hope, it reinforces my belief in the power of sharing our truths,” Corey says with a smile. Her journey is a vivid reminder that courage, when bolstered by love and community, can conquer even the most difficult challenges.

There’s still much work to do, but Corey Maison’s voice stands out as a symbol of resilience, the importance of support, and the enduring impact of one person’s journey on the collective fight for acceptance and understanding.

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