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Renowned AI Expert Terrence McMahon Issues a Stark Warning: An AI Tsunami is Coming


Renowned AI Expert Terrence McMahon has issued a stark warning: an AI tsunami is coming, threatening to displace millions of unprepared workers and businesses.

Are You Ready to Ride the Wave or Get Washed Away?

As CEO of 1000XAI and a pioneer in the field, McMahon has a front-row seat to AI’s rapid evolution. “What I’ve seen is frightening,” he says. “AI is already performing at an 80% success rate on even our hardest tests. It’s better than humans at almost everything right now.”

McMahon predicts this surge in AI capabilities will soon render vast swaths of the population “unemployable.” But all hope is not lost, as a matter of fact, this tsunami provides opportunities for early adaptors to ride the waves and thrive. McMahon believes the key to surviving the coming AI disruption is to augment yourself by integrating your wisdom, lessons learned, and expertise into an AI system. He explains, “AI will augment certain individuals to such an extreme degree that they will vastly outperform non-augmented individuals.” 

According to Terence McMahon, “augmented individuals” are those who honed their skills to be able to merge their life’s knowledge and experiences with AI, to become their “AI SuperSelf.” McMahon explains further, “when you fuse yourself with AI, it’s like gaining superpowers. The AI holds all your accumulated information and can instantly access and apply it to help you. It becomes an external brain and body that massively multiplies your productivity, creativity, and value.”

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While his warning may seem harsh, McMahon’s goal isn’t to scare but to save as many people as possible from this looming wave. “I want to advocate for AI readiness,” McMahon urges. “So many will get blindsided unknowingly if they don’t learn how to ride this wave. I’m trying to be the voice warning them before it’s too late.”

McMahon’s solution? Become your “AI superself” by merging your life’s knowledge with AI’s power. “AI allows you to accomplish so much more, so much faster than going at it alone,” McMahon asserts. Master this fusion and you’ll instantly become “incredibly valuable,” with the skills to thrive no matter how high the tide rises. But you must start learning now. As McMahon cautions, “AI is only as good as the person using it. Don’t get left in the dust without these skills.” 

You can learn how to become your AI SuperSelf at McMahon’s upcoming live workshop sponsored by The Los Angeles Tribune on Monday, June 10th, 2024 @6:00pm to 7:30pm. Register to attend this sponsored event for FREE by texting “AI” to 213-839-4075 or by emailing to receive your link to join.

About Terrence McMahon

Terence McMahon, the former CEO of MassMutual Northern New England, shifted his focus to the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence by founding 1000XAI in January 2023. This bold move led to the creation of the world’s first live training for ChatGPT and other pioneering AI technologies. 

McMahon is now celebrated as a trailblazer in AI education, reaching a vast audience of entrepreneurs and AI enthusiasts worldwide. His social media following of over a million underscores his ability to simplify and communicate the complex relationship between marketing strategies and AI.

McMahon’s dedication to AI education is deeply personal. In 2016, he faced end-stage liver failure and underwent a life-saving transplant in 2017, donated by a prisoner. This second chance fueled his commitment to empower others with the skills to succeed in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Under his visionary leadership, 1000XAI launched the “Certified AI Specialist™” program in September 2023. This innovative 3-day course, poised to become a fixture in universities globally, offers professionals a deep dive into AI, accompanied by a year of mentorship. McMahon firmly believes that AI specialists will be essential for every business’s future success.

At home in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico, McMahon is a devoted father to David and Joseph and shares a resilient and flourishing life with his fiancée, Michelle. Their story exemplifies resilience and growth.

McMahon’s journey from corporate titan to AI educator is marked by breaking boundaries and inspiring change. His unwavering commitment to innovation is evident through initiatives like “ChatGPT in-a-Day” and the “AI-Launch Summit,” where he and his elite team strive to democratize AI’s immense potential, ensuring it is accessible and beneficial to all.

1000XAI helps individuals become thousand times more productive and innovative by providing world-class online courses, live events, and certifications, designed to empower individuals and businesses globally.

To find out more on Terrence McMahon and 1000X AI, visit

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