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Transformative Law of Attraction Retreat Day with Dr. Joe Vitale Set to Inspire in Temecula, CA

Los Angeles, CA – On May 18th, the serene gardens of Hotel Temecula will become the stage for a groundbreaking event, the Law of Attraction Retreat Day with Dr. Joe Vitale. Presented by The Los Angeles Tribune and The Scalar Wellness Center, this exclusive retreat promises a fusion of spiritual enlightenment and practical wisdom, marking a pivotal moment in the journey of self-discovery for all who attend.

Renowned speaker Dr. Joe Vitale, celebrated worldwide for his profound insights into the Law of Attraction and personal empowerment, will headline the event. With his groundbreaking contributions showcased in the iconic film “The Secret,” Dr. Vitale will be joined by other notable experts, each offering their own distinctive perspective and expertise. Attendees will engage in enlightening experiences such as the Ho’oponopono Prayer, led by Dame Doria Cordova, guided meditation, and visualization techniques, all designed to foster a deeper understanding of manifesting one’s desires.

Along with Dr. Joe Vitale, the retreat will highlight the expertise of several acclaimed experts including Jason Antalek, Leslie Kunz, Sunshine Frost, and Rex Sikes, who specialize in mindfulness, energetic healing, and personal development. For those looking to immerse themselves in an intimate setting for deeper conversation and more engaged networking, there will be a VIP private dinner following the event.

“In today’s dynamic landscape, the principles of manifestation and creation hold unprecedented significance, resonating harmoniously with quantum mechanics surrounding energy, frequency,  and vibration.” Shares Moe Rock, CEO of The Los Angeles Tribune.  

“As someone deeply committed to the well-being of others, seeing a community come together to learn and grow is incredibly rewarding,” shares Susan Goodwin, Owner of the Scalar Wellness Center, one of the main sponsors of the event. “This event is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded souls dedicated to their personal and collective evolution.”

To maintain an intimate atmosphere and ensure personal interaction with the speakers, tickets for the Law of Attraction Retreat Day are limited. Those interested in joining this transformative day are encouraged to secure their tickets in advance. Secure your ticket here to join this transformative event towards personal and collective evolution.

The Law of Attraction Retreat Day is coordinated by Dawna Campbell, a global leader in personal transformation and healing. With a steadfast mission to cultivate a better world for all, Dawna is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide to unlock their full potential and manifest their dreams.

Scalar Wellness Center:  Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, the Scalar Wellness Center is a leading provider of holistic healing services, utilizing the revolutionary Energy Enhancement System™ (EES) to offer a wide range of health benefits. With a focus on community, education, and personal growth, the center is dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal wellness and a balanced life.

Event Details Contact Information:

Name: Dawna Campbell
Title: Law of Attract Retreat Event Producer

Phone: (406) 885-9441

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