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Author Craig Cline presents an overarching ethic — “good” for all of us — in his new booklet “GoldenRuleism/Living A GoldenRuleism-Guided Life.” 

In a society fractured by issues which divide us, where discourse can quickly turn hostile and opposing viewpoints often lead to dehumanizing rhetoric, we desperately need to integrate compassion, empathy, kindness, and understanding into our essential core values. 

In his concise, impactful booklet, Cline provides a guiding light, offering us an expansive evolution of the age-old Golden Rule — showing us how the overarching ethic of GoldenRuleism better fits and benefits us today and in our future. 

Via the adoption of GoldenRuleism into our daily life, we see the pathway leading us towards a healed society; a society which transcends cultural and ideological division. 

The “original” Golden Rule is found in religion, but the booklet’s expanded interpretation of this universally known and respected principle goes well beyond spirituality — presenting a philosophy which benefits virtually everyone on Earth. 

By living a GoldenRuleistic life, Cline shows us how to “move the needle of humanity towards humane-ity” — by interacting with each other as, deep down, we know we should. 

Available in both English and Spanish, this inspirational booklet can be read in a modicum of minutes, while offering us value(s) to last a lifetime. It’s the culmination of the author’s long history of editorial writing, advocacy for non-profit organizations, and the many lessons in life accumulated by an “experienced” human being.

With the expanded application of the original Golden Rule, we see that GoldenRuleistic behavior extends to all sentient beings, our environment, and our collective stewardship of our one-and-only Mother Earth.  

Deftly balancing our rallying cry for just and equitable societies with empowering guidance for us as individuals, “GoldenRuleism: Living A GoldenRuleism-Guided Life” is a personally compelling read for everyone everywhere.  It’s for benefit of all of us  — wherever we live. 

More than an idealistic hope for a better tomorrow, the booklet is a practical, actionable guide by which we create a world that’s decidedly “better” for all of us Earthlings. 

Now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and book retailers worldwide in paperback and ebook, “GoldenRuleism/Living A GoldenRuleism-Guided Life” is an urgent message — presented with elegant simplicity.

We should live it in our lives.  Our time is now.

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