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The Need For Military Investment Knowledge

Veterans who serve in the military are given many benefits upon retirement, including a pension for some veterans, depending on the nature of their service. However, many veterans may find their pension insufficient to support their retirement lifestyle, so they will turn to methods such as alternative investing to supplement their retirement and live more comfortably.

For the more than 100,000 active-duty service members and 240,000 veterans in San Diego, an exciting chance to learn about alternative investing was presented right on their doorstep: Dutch Mendenhall’s Invest Wealth Summit. Whether one is a military member, veteran, or civilian, the Invest Wealth Summit helped them uncover the latest success strategies in alternative investing.

Unlocking the secrets to alternative investing

The Invest Wealth Summit was a three-day live masterclass held in San Diego from April 19-21. Attendees were exposed to innovative alternative investing strategies that can help them unlock the full potential of their financial freedom and transform their financial trajectory. With the insights they gleaned from seasoned investment experts and thought leaders, attendees walked away with the tools they needed to identify and evaluate alternative investment opportunities with minimal risk. The Summit also allowed them to better understand strategies like reducing tax burdens, safeguarding assets, raising capital, and preparing for a worry-free retirement.

At the Invest Wealth Summit, attendees heard from a large group of experts in alternative investing, including RADD Investments co-founder Amy Vaughn, Legalees CEO Lee Phillips, and RADD Investments CEO Dutch Mendenhall. These experts were all eager to help accelerate attendees’ path to financial success and shared their unique insights, providing unparalleled access and education within the alternative investment field. 

The Invest Wealth Summit gave attendees a unique opportunity to connect and network with these visionary founders and leaders, allowing them to unlock their wealth-building secrets and embark on a path to achieving their financial goals in 2024 and beyond. The exclusive alternative investment opportunities attendees learned about at the Invest Wealth Summit have a transformative potential that anyone from all walks of life can take advantage of.

Guidance from revolutionary financial thought leaders, including the one and only Dutch Mendenhall

Many of his peers have hailed Mendenhall, the host of the Invest Wealth Summit, as a “force of nature” in alternative investment — a title he has earned through numerous professional accomplishments. The financial trailblazer made a name for himself in creative commercial real estate before moving into auctions. Today, he is a successful CEO and President of the Alternative Investment Associations (AIA), having an incredible passion for helping others maximize their financial success.

Mendenhall’s commitment to helping others is best exemplified by RADD Diversified REIT, his real estate investment trust designed to democratize the field of alternative investing. The trust’s structure allows the average individual to tap into the potential of alternative investments without the massive upfront capital, labor, or experience typically required to enter the field. Even more impressively, Mendenhall and his team have grown RADD Diversified’s portfolio to a worth of over $250 million.

Along with his success as an investor and entrepreneur, Mendenhall is also a successful writer, having authored the Wall Street Journal best-seller “Money Shackles: The Breakout Guide to Alternative Investing.” His book helps readers uncover the power of alternative investments to help them beat inflation, earn income, and diversify their portfolios. The Invest Wealth Summit attendees were able to receive even deeper levels of alternative investing insight from financial thought leaders like Mendenhall and more.

“It takes someone like you to become someone like me,” Mendenhall shared in a press release about the Invest Wealth Summit. “We’re the same. I am the people. I’m for the people. We’re in this together! You get nowhere trying to do it alone. Let’s do this and make money together.”

The Invest Wealth Summit’s opportunities for military members and veterans

Having come from a military family himself and being a recipient of the Patriot Legacy Award, Mendenhall recognizes not only the service that military members and veterans have given to the nation but also their unique financial situations and life circumstances. With this empathy for military members and veterans, the Invest Wealth Summit offered a special deal for military personnel and veterans to receive free virtual admission to the event. Mendenhall hopes that by providing this access, he could provide America’s boldest and bravest with the tools and knowledge necessary to secure their financial futures.

“We are dedicated to offering a life-changing experience for ALL Americans who aspire to diversify their portfolios, break free from financial constraints, and open doors to greater prosperity,” Mendenhall said in his recent press release. “We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of background or experience, deserves access to comprehensive and actionable investment knowledge.”

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