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Creating Culinary Adventures at Desi

The Bay Area in California is known for its tremendous diversity in the food scene. Few restaurants encapsulate that as perfectly as Desi Contemporary Indian Causal, an incredible restaurant and bar offering Indian street food and craft cocktails in the heart of Downtown Campbell in San Jose, California. Bringing modern Indian cuisine to the Bay Area with a delicious and diverse menu, Desi is the perfect place for a delicious meal, a date night, or a night out with friends.

Desi has earned its spot as one of the best Cal Indian restaurants in the Bay Area thanks to its kitchen’s unique blend of modern and traditional Indian street food with global influences. The restaurant’s menu was designed to offer delicious and adventurous dishes, calling attention to how the cuisines of the world — while sometimes thousands of miles apart from one another — have striking similarities that can be explored to delicious results. 

In addition to Desi’s authentic Indian inspirations, diners will pick up on flair from a variety of global cuisines, including Italian, Mediterranean, Contemporary American, Latin American, Mexican, and more. With its diverse and eclectic offerings, Desi is guaranteed to have something on its menu for everyone’s tastes and cravings.

Fusing Indian cuisine with international influences for delicious results

With its unique approach to Cal Indian cuisine, it’s no surprise that Desi Contemporary Indian Causal continues to be showered with praise. In 2021, Desi was named one of the top 10 Bay Area restaurants by The Perfect Spot and was called the Best Casual Contemporary Indian restaurant in Santa Clara County by Lux Life Magazine in both 2022 and 2023. 

As for typical diners, the restaurant also boasts strong reviews and scores on platforms like Google and Yelp. With so many delectable options to try on the menu, Desi is the type of restaurant that lends itself to repeat visits. 

Desi’s menu truly has something for everyone, whether they’re looking for more traditional Indian flavors or are willing to be a little more adventurous with their culinary experience. For those wanting to stick with the types of dishes they may be more familiar with, the restaurant has plenty of delectable classic dishes, including tikka masala and biryani. The true heroes of Desi’s menu, however, are the dishes that blend different culinary techniques, like the “Tikka Chance on Me” (a bruschetta-like dish with chicken or paneer tikka masala) or the “Kulcha Chalupa Tacos” (which come with either pindi chole or butter chicken).

For those who may be a bit pickier in taste and want to design their own customized culinary experience, Desi even offers a DIY menu that lets diners choose custom bowls, rolls, and tacos. Diners choose a base (a rice or greens bowl, a roti or naan taco, or a Kathi roll or burrito), a main dish (with options ranging from blackened chicken and minced lamb curry to more traditional choices like chicken or paneer tikka masala), and a variety of sauces, toppings, and veggies of their choice. The result is a menu that offers incredible versatility and customization, ensuring that everyone walks away happy — and with a full stomach.

Gabru Bar offers unique cocktails matched to your mood

The other aspect offered by Desi’s dining experience is the restaurant’s Gabru Bar, an elevated cocktail bar offering handcrafted cocktails, beer, and wine, along with plenty of plates from Desi’s kitchen to create the perfect night out. From traditional favorites to unique Indian-inspired creations, Gabru Bar’s drink menu has whatever beverage one could want to perfectly complement their meal, creating a truly memorable dining experience.

Gabru Bar’s customer experience stands out as truly unique within the culinary world due to how its menu is organized. Rather than traditional menu categories, Gabru Bar’s menu is broken down into different “Joshes” — or levels of energy and enthusiasm — that are designed to offer delicious cocktails that pair with however one is feeling. Some menu categories include “cheerful and lighthearted,” “romantic and effervescent,” and “humorous and reflective.”

One of the most popular cocktails on Gabru’s menu is the “Pehla Nasha,” a gin cocktail with hints of rose and lemon, taking its name from a Hindi-language phrase roughly translated to “first intoxication.” Falling into the “romantic and effervescent” category, the Pehla Nasha is intoxicating in more ways than one — a refreshingly aromatic cocktail with a beautiful balance of citrus, floral, rosewater, and cardamom notes, making it perfect for a sophisticated evening.

The best place for modern yet authentic Indian cuisine in the Bay Area

Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal, a scintillating cocktail, or a tremendous evening that combines the best of both, Desi Contemporary Indian Casual and Gabru Bar offers exactly what you need in the Bay Area. Desi is quickly becoming the go-to spot in the Bay Area for Indian street food in Campbell, California, so why not embark on your next culinary adventure there?

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