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A New Chapter in Civic Engagement: The Los Angeles Tribune’s Role in Celebrating National Volunteer Week

In an era where change is not just hoped for but required, The Los Angeles Tribune proudly announces a significant milestone in its storied history of public service and community leadership. The Tribune has officially been accredited as a certifying agency for The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), in partnership with AmeriCorps. This prestigious designation underscores The Tribune’s enduring commitment to fostering civic engagement and supporting the unsung heroes of our communities.

A Legacy of Leadership

Since its founding in 1886, The Los Angeles Tribune has stood as a pillar of innovation and integrity in the media landscape. “Redefining media since 1886” isn’t just a slogan—it is a relentless pursuit. Through wars, economic downturns, and cultural shifts, The Tribune has not just reported the news but has actively participated in the making of history. Today, we continue to “change the status quo,” shaping a world where community service and active participation are not only valued but celebrated.

Empowering Volunteers, Celebrating Service

As an official certifying agency for the PVSA, The Los Angeles Tribune is now at the forefront of recognizing and rewarding the efforts of volunteers who dedicate themselves to bettering our world. The PVSA offers a variety of honors, distinguishing volunteers across age groups and service commitments, from local heroes dedicating 50 hours a year to lifetime achievers surpassing 4,000 hours. Through this program, The Tribune will certify these commendable efforts, directly impacting our community by elevating the importance of volunteer work and encouraging more people to lend their hands and hearts.

A Partnership with Purpose

The Los Angeles Tribune proudly announces its new partnership with The President’s Volunteer Service Award and AmeriCorps

Our collaboration with AmeriCorps to administer the PVSA marks a new chapter in our commitment to civic engagement. AmeriCorps, a beacon of volunteerism and service in America, aligns perfectly with The Tribune’s values and mission. Together, we aim to inspire an even greater number of citizens to engage in volunteer service and to acknowledge their indispensable contributions to society.

Inviting All to Join the Movement

The Los Angeles Tribune calls on all individuals, groups, and organizations passionate about making a difference to join us in this noble cause. Whether you are a student, a professional, a retiree, or a community leader, there is an opportunity for you to make an impact. As we embark on this journey to recognize and reward the dedication of our community’s volunteers, we invite you to be a part of this transformative movement.

Looking to the Future

Accreditation as a certifying agency is not just an honor; it’s a responsibility—one that The Los Angeles Tribune does not take lightly. We are committed to using our platform and resources to champion the causes that matter most, to break barriers, and to build bridges in our community. As we continue to redefine what media can and should be, we pledge to support and spotlight those who serve and inspire.

Today, as we celebrate this new capability, we are reminded of the power of service to unite and uplift. Together, we can create the world we want our children—and our children’s children—to live in. Join The Los Angeles Tribune in making a difference, one act of service at a time. Together, we change the world.

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