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“Education is Freedom” Earns a Coveted Spot on Los Angeles Tribune Bestseller List

Los Angeles, CA — Jim Keyes, a name synonymous with corporate success and philanthropic efforts, has added another feather to his cap with his latest book, “Education is Freedom,” which has officially made it onto the Los Angeles Tribune Bestseller List. This recognition marks a significant milestone in Keyes’ literary career and underscores the book’s resonant message about the transformative power of knowledge.

“Education is Freedom” provides a comprehensive look at the necessity of education in fostering personal and societal progress. It delves into the essential “what,” “why,” and “how” of learning, positioning education as a crucial tool for preserving democracy and achieving personal freedom. According to Keyes, education is the only true separator between freedom and confinement within one’s circumstances.

Keyes’ philosophy that knowledge is irrevocable and the ultimate tool for overcoming adversity is resonating with readers across the nation. The book outlines how with education, individuals are equipped to replace anything that is taken from them, explore the world freely, and remain independent of societal constraints.

The success of “Education is Freedom” on the Los Angeles Tribune Bestseller List is not just a testament to its compelling content but also to Keyes’ diverse background and credibility. Known as a modern renaissance man, Keyes’ career spans various high-profile roles including CEO of 7-Eleven, Inc. and Blockbuster, Inc., and his engagement in numerous philanthropic endeavors, such as his role with the American Red Cross and his own Education is Freedom Foundation.

Keyes’ journey from humble beginnings to becoming a member of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans in 2005 adds an inspirational layer to his advocacy for education. This bestseller status is seen not just as a personal achievement, but as a victory for educational advocacy.

As “Education is Freedom” climbs the bestseller charts, it continues to spark important conversations about the essential role education plays in empowering individuals and shaping our society. With this book, Keyes hopes to inspire readers to embrace a learning mentality to navigate and overcome the challenges of life, thus setting themselves free.

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