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Leadership Unfiltered: Board of Directors for Your Personal Life | L.A. Tribune TV

Leadership Unfiltered | L.A. Tribune TV with Jessica Abo

In a recent episode of Leadership Unfiltered,┬áJessica Abo sits down with Corey Spiegel, founder of Light House. Light House is a diverse and inclusive global community of women who have meaningful conversations about real life issues that affect many of us. It’s a place for you to find yourself, whether lost, needing guidance, or looking to have worthwhile discussions through interactive classes, events, and retreats.

Jessica Abo: Can you start by telling us about Light House. What it is and why did you start it?

Light House was born out of the idea that women in general should have a board of directors for their personal life. We have a lot on our plate and if you’ve ever experienced a Mommy and Me class or if you’ve ever belonged to a book club, there was always this common denominator of meeting up with other like-minded women that were at the same place in life, dealing with the same type of challenge. It never mattered what you looked like, where you worked, what you did. You were all drawn together because you had this newborn baby or you all read the same book. But fast forward, what happens when you’re further down the line and we’re talking about a variety of life stages? Maybe your best friend has cancer, maybe you’re caring for your aging parents, maybe you’re looking to start a new business and wanting to become an entrepreneur, maybe you’re curious about how to age well. Light House wants you to have space, support, and most importantly community around you with other women that perhaps could pave the way and share the good, the bad, and the ugly with courage and wisdom.

How do you help women connect with each other? Is it virtually? Is it live? Is it a hybrid?

We have individual classes. We have several series because some of these topics are pretty robust and meaty and require us to have a little bit more of a dialogue. They might be a three-part series where we meet virtually for an hour a week for three weeks or six weeks. Depending upon the container of the topic. We also have live events and we also host high-end luxury retreats for people that are looking for a bit more community and togetherness with a luxury experience.

How do you help today’s leaders elevate their leadership?

Leadership can be challenging. Learning to know what you don’t know and hiring a team around you that you can bank on, that you can trust, that you can also admit what you don’t know and finding ways to empower others can help you grow your business effectively. It is also important to lead by example. As many women out there are afraid to share their vulnerabilities or are cautious to ask for help. As a woman founder, it’s really important that when we talk about leadership in general, that we’re coming from a place of strength and that we are learning to empower not just ourselves but empower the others that we bring into the fold. The old adage, it takes a village.

It really does. And what are some of the big leadership issues that you’re seeing people in the community support each other through in the early stages of 2024?

Something that most people don’t talk about is how isolating it can be when you are an entrepreneur and carrying the weight of your business by yourself. I ventured out five years ago and founded Light House and it has been such an incredible journey, but it is very isolating because you are your own marketing department, you are your own PR firm, you are the one that’s responsible for getting leads and writing catchy headlines and social media and actually creating meaningful content. I have found that a lot of women don’t share that struggle. We’re just so busy managing everything in our personal and professional lives. This leads directly to our tagline – you’re not meant to do life alone. You shouldn’t have to.

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