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‘Keeping Up with Sports’ Creator Steve Marcano Unveils New Podcast Ventures on Urban Bridgez

In the constantly evolving world of sports and entertainment, few names have made as indelible a mark as Steve Marcano. Last week, the announcement of the new podcast “Keeping Up with Sports” sent waves through the industry, heralding an exciting chapter for fans worldwide. Hosted by icons Caitlyn Jenner, Lamar Odom, and sports podcasting sensation Zach Hirsch, the show promises to bring a fresh perspective to the table, blending interviews with sports and entertainment luminaries.

The genesis of “Keeping Up with Sports” can be traced back to Steve Marcano’s visionary mind. With a storied career that includes collaboration with Don King on top boxing events and successful ventures like “Knockout” on Azteca America and “Inside his Look with Ray J,” Marcano has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in sports production. His knack for creating compelling content has not only entertained millions but also enriched the fabric of sports media.

In a recent conversation with, Marcano shared insights into how “Keeping Up with Sports” came into being and what fans can expect from this groundbreaking project. He revealed that the concept was born out of a brainstorming session for Only Sports, a company dedicated solely to sports content. It was then that a marketing genius friend suggested what would become the title of their next big venture.

Caitlyn Jenner and Lamar Odom were selected as hosts not just for their athletic prowess but for their unique life experiences that resonate beyond sports. Jenner’s Olympic glory and transformative journey present a narrative of courage and triumph, while Odom’s NBA championship wins and personal battles offer raw insights into the life of a professional athlete. Alongside them, Zach Hirsch’s analytical acumen positions him as one of the most promising voices in sports commentary today.

Marcano also touched upon broader ambitions beyond “Keeping Up with Sports.” With Steven Marcano Holdings Group at his helm, he aims to leverage partnerships across film, television, tech, and finance sectors to foster growth and innovation. The upcoming launch of an app titled Only Sports underscores this commitment to enriching sports discourse through technology.

Filmed at Sunset Strip’s iconic Andaz West Hollywood hotel, “Keeping Up with Sports” delves into topics often shrouded in silence within professional circles. By addressing mental health struggles, addiction issues, and retirement decisions candidly, the podcast invites its audience into intimate discussions that are both enlightening and deeply humanizing.

In its premiere episode featuring boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, viewers are treated to heartfelt reflections on victory over adversity — themes that resonate profoundly within the sporting community. This choice sets an inspiring tone for future episodes; each guest brings not only their accolades but also their vulnerabilities to light.

Reflecting on what constitutes a successful business deal in today’s fast-paced environment, Marcano emphasizes authenticity and mutual respect as key ingredients. His openness to new ideas from fans underscores his belief in collaborative creativity as vital for industry advancement.

Marcano’s parting message is simple yet profound: support breeds success. Through his Instagram platform (@itsstevenmarcano), he extends an invitation to connect — whether it be fans sharing support or aspiring creatives seeking guidance.

As “Keeping Up with Sports” gears up for its premiere under Steve Marcano’s stewardship alongside Caitlyn Jenner’s inspirational legacy , Lamar Odom’s resilience ,and Zach Hirsch’s sharp insights ,the podcast is poised not only to captivate audiences but also spark meaningful conversations around pivotal issues facing athletes today . In bridging these worlds so seamlessly ,Marcano continues to redefine what it means to keep up—not just with sports ,but with stories that inspire us all .

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