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How David Bragg, Founder of FES Institute Is Removing All The Risk For Those Wanting To Start A Tech Career

David Bragg is the founder of FES Institute, an educational company dedicated to teaching technology skills to everyday people. His mission is to provide individuals with an opportunity to break free from the constraints of paycheck-to-paycheck living. 

David’s journey began humbly. Formerly caught in the grip of video game addiction, he worked at a grocery store earning a modest wage of $17 per hour. Unfulfilled by his circumstances, David sought a way out. Despite lacking any prior knowledge or experience in coding, he committed to learning the craft, dedicating several hours each day to practice. Remarkably, David’s determination paid off. He secured a position as a software engineer at a prominent company, earning a six figure salary without any prior experience. His career trajectory included collaborations with major players in the tech industry, such as Google and Canva.

However, David’s ambitions extended beyond personal success. Recognizing the transformative potential of his journey, he shared his story online, amassing a substantial following of individuals eager to replicate his achievements. 

His desire to empower others led him to establish FES Institute. An education company that offers comprehensive coding education, catering to individuals of all experience levels. FES Institute is driven by their focus on personalized mentorship, ensuring that each student receives individualized guidance and support. The institute offers a full refund and $1,000 bonus to students who do not secure a job in the tech industry post-graduation which removes all risk when thinking about switching careers to tech.

FES Institute facilitates internships for students at leading companies, providing invaluable real-world experience. David emphasizes that securing a coding job is attainable with proper guidance and mentorship, sentiments echoed by industry professionals, including Canva’s co-founder. Today, David’s influence extends to over 350,000 followers online. He has achieved a level of flexibility that allows him to work remotely from any corner of the globe and through FES Institute, he seeks to extend the same opportunities to others, enabling them to embark on fulfilling careers in the tech industry.

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