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Becca Brazil on Touring, Inspiration, and Her International Fanbase

Becca Brazil is a techno-pop artist and DJ renowned for her music. Having graced the covers of prestigious publications such as Forbes, Bravo TV, Billboard Argentina, Yahoo, and Rolling Stone, her presence has been described by some as “magnetic.” Her recent radio hit with Adil C, “Hey Baby,” found success on Canada and Luxembourg’s top 50 charts, and her collaboration “Chasing Status” with Turn Me Up Tone and Brandon Gomes secured the top spot in the UAE, thereby showcasing Becca Brazil’s growing impact.

Despite this success, Becca Brazil has remained humble. She describes the experience of her music resonating with audiences worldwide as “exhilarating,” and says that “[to have] my music resonate on an international scale is a dream come true.”

Describing music as a “universal language,” Becca Brazil believes it has the power to bring people together. Her interactions with her fans—particularly those from Brazil and Argentina—have been particularly memorable for her, as she describes them as “some of the most supportive and loyal fans” who help fuel her passion for music.

When asked about how different music markets compare, she states that each market has its own characteristics and nuances, and that she finds the diversity both fascinating and inspiring. “From the vibrant music scene in Brazil to the passion of fans in Argentina, every market offers something special,” she says. “As someone who values diversity and embraces different cultures, I strive to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.”

Her influences might be surprising to some. Artists such as Kesha, Miley Cyrus, and Paris Hilton have influenced her sound and her approach to music. She highlights Paris Hilton’s impact in particular for her contributions to not just the industry, but the “fresh energy” that she brings to her performances.

Becca Brazil’s ability to connect with audiences has allowed her to find success, reaching 1 million streams on Spotify with “Hey Baby,” and “Chasing Status” with Turn Me Up Tone and Brandon Gomes securing the number one spot in the UAE. She says that she and her team are excited to bring their music to even more audiences around the world, and that platforms like Billboard play crucial roles in recognizing and promoting artists worldwide. “They help amplify voices from all corners of the globe,” she remarks, “contributing to the diversity and richness of the music industry.”

Her latest projects have her teaming up with artists such as Adil C and Turn Me Up Tone, which have allowed her to explore new sounds and ideas. This, she says, results in music that resonates with audiences everywhere.

“Through my music, I hope to inspire positive change and foster a sense of unity among listeners worldwide,” she says. “Whether it’s sparking joy on the dance floor or igniting introspection through introspective lyrics, I aim to leave a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of listeners across the globe.”

Becca’s message for her international fans is one of unwavering love and support. She says “[their] passion drives me to create music that transcends borders and unites us in celebration of our shared humanity.”

Becca Brazil’s goal is to spread positivity, acceptance, and joy through the power of music, and touring and performing in different countries is “always on the agenda.” She looks forward to showcasing her talent and sharing more of her music in the coming months.

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