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Study Confirms Puroast Coffee as the Only True Low-Acid Coffee Brand

March 25, 2024—North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University announced its findings in a widespread study comparing multiple low-acid coffee brands.

At a time when low-acid coffee has emerged as the number one food trend of 2024, with numerous companies claiming to offer low-acid options — frequently using it as nothing more than a marketing buzzword — those who suffer from various digestive issues want real answers on low-acid coffee. A recent lab study conducted by North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has revealed that Puroast Coffee stands out as the only genuine “low-acid coffee” brand in the market.

The study was prompted by the increasing number of customers seeking low-acid coffee due to its potential health benefits. Just as much as coffee has been known for various positive health effects, it is also highly acidic and a leading cause of gastric ailments. However, the 8,000-plus reviews of Puroast Coffee on Amazon reveal a different, almost shocking story. Customers, including cancer patients, individuals with gallbladder issues, IBS, GERD, and new mothers, reported experiencing significant relief from their symptoms after switching to Puroast.

The lab study compared Puroast Coffee with other “low-acid” brands such as Life Boost, Vita Cup, and Tyler’s Coffee. Simply put, the results were striking. The study found that the other brands had, on average, 4.5 times more acid than Puroast. Furthermore, several well-known brands claiming to be low-acid were determined to have more acid than several generic blends from various popular coffee chains, raising serious questions about the integrity of their marketing claims.

Ultimately, the study showed Puroast has 70% less acid than traditional coffee, making it a standout choice for those seeking a low-acid option. Additionally, Puroast Coffee boasts seven times more antioxidants than green tea which aligns with it’s surge in popularity, particularly in the Chinese market, where its low-acid and antioxidant-rich properties have resonated with consumers.

Does does low acid mean really mean healthier? Shayna Komar, RD, LD, a licensed and registered dietitian at Cancer Wellness, often speaks about the benefits of a low acid diet. She notes that it can aid in weight loss, prevent kidney stones, maintain muscles and strong bones, improve cardiovascular health and brain function, and substantially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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