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10-Time World Champion Paving the Way for New Light

In the competitive world of professional sports, athletes often face insurmountable pressures, both physically and mentally. For Elise Christie, a former world champion speed skater from Livingston, her journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows that tested her resilience beyond the rink. However, through adversity, Christie found a new path to empowerment and financial stability on an unexpected platform: OnlyFans.

Christie’s career in speed skating was marked by remarkable achievements and heartbreaking setbacks. From a young age, she dedicated herself to the sport, moving to Nottingham at 15 to train full-time at the National Ice Centre with dreams of becoming the best in the world. Her talent shone through as she began accumulating medals at European events, setting her sights on Olympic glory. In which she set British short track history by winning the first three World Championship gold medals for her country in 2017 (1,000m, 1,500m and the overall title).

However, fate had other plans. The Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 tested Christie’s ambitions to their limits. Three crashes in three races led to disqualifications that left her without any medals—a devastating outcome for any athlete. The backlash from fans, particularly after a collision that affected South Korean hopeful Park Seung-hi’s chances, plunged Christie into a dark place.

Her struggles continued beyond the ice rink as she faced personal challenges that led her down a path of self-harm, alcoholism, and homelessness. The loss of a close friend in 2021 pushed her further into despair until a drinking binge and subsequent arrest became her wake-up call.

In these darkest moments, Christie found solace and strength through Connor Thomson during rehab—the man she now describes as the love of her life—and embraced motherhood with their daughter Millie. This newfound happiness marked a turning point for Christie as she navigated away from competitive skating towards building a “normal” life outside the relentless pursuit of athletic perfection.

Yet financial stability remained elusive until Christie ventured into exclusive fan sites, increasingly seen as an avenue for creators to monetize their influence directly. Initially hesitant about leveraging her physical attributes away from the sporting arena, Christie soon realized this was an opportunity to regain control over her life and finances.

Creating exclusive content for her fans not only provided an income far surpassing what she earned working three jobs post-retirement but also offered an unexpected form of empowerment. “It’s my body; I worked for this body,” asserts Christie. She emphasizes control over content creation on VIP fansites—how far one wants to go is entirely up to them—a sentiment that resonates deeply given her past experiences where control often felt out of reach.

Despite initial apprehensions about sharing her content online, Christie has grown more confident in her skin and business acumen through her fan sites. Her platform not only helps support her family financially but also allows her to connect authentically with fans—an aspect crucial to building community engagement which goes beyond superficial interactions typical on other social media platforms.

Elise’s journey underscores an important narrative about redefining success and finding empowerment on one’s own terms—themes highly relevant in today’s digital age where traditional career paths are continually being disrupted by new opportunities online.

As Elise continues to build her brand across platforms like Instagram (, Twitter (, she embodies resilience and adaptability—a testament.

Elise Christie’s journey from the pinnacle of professional speed skating to the unexpected realms of VIP content creator is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of empowerment beyond conventional paths. The roller coaster ride of her athletic career, marked by triumphs and tribulations, ultimately led her to the darkest moments of personal struggle. However, through love, motherhood, and an unexpected foray into modeling, Christie found a renewed sense of control over her life and financial stability.

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