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Muriel Blanc Unveils ‘Awakening the Soul’s Vibration: Sacred Mandalas for Healing and Transformation’

Esteemed author and spiritual guide, Muriel Blanc, announces the launch of her latest book, “Awakening the Soul’s Vibration: Sacred Mandalas for Healing and Transformation.” Drawing from over 30 years of experience in unlocking human potential through the mastery of alchemy and the 12 universal laws, Blanc’s new work invites readers on an enlightening journey into the world of sacred mandalas.

“Awakening the Soul’s Vibration” is more than a book; it’s a transformative experience designed to guide individuals toward profound self-discovery and spiritual growth. Through the intricate beauty and profound wisdom of mandalas, Blanc offers pathways to explore the inner universe, facilitating a connection with the cosmos and unlocking the soul’s vibrational power.

This publication emerges as a beacon for those seeking healing, balance, and a deeper understanding of their true selves. Blanc’s insights into the historical and cultural significance of mandalas span across Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Celtic traditions, emphasizing their role as cosmic keys to inner enlightenment.

As a leading voice in spiritual transformation, Muriel Blanc’s “Awakening the Soul’s Vibration” is poised to become an essential companion for anyone on the path to self-realization and inner peace. The book not only educates but also empowers readers to create their personalized mandalas, embarking on a journey of artistic and spiritual exploration.

Available now, “Awakening the Soul’s Vibration” invites you to unlock the mysteries of the universe within. Embrace the cosmic journey and awaken your soul’s vibration with Muriel Blanc.

About Muriel Blanc

Muriel Blanc is a best-selling author and spiritual guide with over three decades of experience in facilitating personal transformation. Her work, deeply rooted in the principles of alchemy and universal laws, has empowered countless individuals to unlock their full potential and live a life of profound spiritual and personal growth.

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