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 “Radiance Unveiled: Breaking Stereotypes, Uplifting Women, and Embracing Beauty inside and out”

There are times when you come across a genuine human being, ready to act where needed and highlighting needs when others look away.  With a long history in the spotlight, Goldy Locks – public personality in Wrestling, TV, music, and philanthropy, also has a long history of putting others into the spotlight.  This multi-talented lady has done it again, as she does so often in her column ‘Goldy’s Corner’ here on the LA Tribune and in podcasts, shows, events, and more across the globe. 

On March 9th and beyond, she once again is shining light on stereotypes that are here to be broken, people who deserve to feel beautiful, and heroes in everyday life.
Women, to be precise. 
Women, who have undertaken arduous journeys filled with hardship, heartbreak, experiences that we do not wish on anyone, and have emerged shining brightly. 

These are the heroes of this article and the event on SaturdayMarch 9th.
How fitting that all this is coming together during Women’s History Month and on the heels of International Women’s Day. 

“I look amazing. I am so happy.”
~stated one of the women in the series, when seeing her photos for the first time.  

I do not much believe in the term survivor as that carries some negativity with me but I believe in the word hero and the philosophy + experience of a hero’s journey, which most of us are familiar with thanks to Star Wars – and really thanks to Joseph Campbell  – and most entertainment stories of our time. 

Thus, I will not share with you too many details of the journeys the women have embarked on, most of which include experiences many of us can relate to and hope to never encounter ourselves. Instead, I will share their light, their beauty, their essence – as only Goldy can bring out and make available to us, who were not able to participate this time around, to provide a short insight into the importance of this Project fittingly titled:
The 40 Over 40 Women’s Portrait Experience

As Goldy states “I wanted to create something very special as a gift for all women to enjoy.” And this has clearly turned into the “most powerful portrait series that I have worked on with clients to date.”  This while Goldy has photographed many entertainment stars and unforgettable weddings and family portraits.  (All this mind you while traveling the USA to share her love of music with thousands of fans). 

This particular project, The 40 Over 40 Women’s Portrait Experience exemplifies Goldy’s passion to celebrate and uplift women of all stages, ages, backgrounds, and experiences in life while always remembering those who need our help and may not be able to speak up.  This experience she makes available to all of us who have not yet seen some of the magnificent photos on social media, on Saturday March 9th . It is on this day that her project will be shared publicly at the Two River’s Mansion in Nashville, TN with a special networking and cocktail reception to benefit YWCA and Domestic Violence Survivor Programs.  

The 40 Over 40 Women’s Portrait Experience
DATE: 3/9/2024
LOCATION: Two River’s Mansion | 3130 McGavock Pk, Nashville, TN 37214
TIME: 5pm – 8pm
TICKETS: $30 at the door
Cocktail Attire

The experience of seeing courageous women stepping into their light with the help of Goldy: truly seeing and embracing their beauty is something that leaves me speechless every time I think about it or hear it. What a gift!  

As one of the women exclaimed with a big smile on her face:
“I look like I’m in my 30s… I am 56!” 

Yes, how come men in their 50s and 60s look ‘interesting’ and women in their 50s and 60s need to see a plastic surgeon?  Experience is what makes a human being interesting, and the little wrinkles, the scars are evidence of the journey undertaken. 

The women who felt called by Goldy are unique and amazing individuals as we can all observe in this public exhibit and some of the works and stories shared already on social media. I am grateful for their courage to not only have the experience but to also be willing to share this experience and raise awareness through their beauty and strength.

Among them are:

Sharon who is a highly successful business and leadership coach and Founder of Solutions Matter. She is committed to working with over 20 non-profit organizations to help them get the tools needed to thrive. What a gift!

Shannon, who dedicated her life for a while to serving others through her occupational work ranging from the prison system to biohazard removal and remediation.  Her life is filled with encounters that could easily have shaken her belief in the good of people and the world and yet, she continues to advocate for positive changes now on behalf of animals and particular animal rescue issues.  

Michelle who not only endured the devastating loss of her son to a car accident but was also faced with discovering that her 2nd husband had abused her young daughter; the irreparable pain this caused sparks and the scars that burnt into her soul would normally be the excuse and reason to give up on the world and humanity. 

Susan, a nurse practitioner who found herself going through a divorce after realizing that her spouse was not supportive and had to let go of the image to be a ‘couple’ thus suddenly being faced with finding herself again.  This required time and attention to remembering who she was before the divorce, take time and measures to heal so she could find inner peace.  All this hard, internal work that is not easily visible let her to love and believe in herself again, to forgive herself and others through which she was then able to accept people as their are – including herself.  She was able to evolve into herself to ‘Become Me’ as she put it, thereby setting an important example for her son who sees that all this is possible even if – or because – of difficult times and events that sometimes seem to take us to the limit. . 

Do these sound familiar? Are these all newly exposed journeys for you? Maybe some of these?
Then it is time for you to hear, to encounter these ladies and this experience.  

You can bear witness to the beauty of these women from all areas, circles, backgrounds and experiences on March 9th in Nashville and beyond. 

These women and all their fellow stars in this exhibit (and beyond) can testify to the experience of their time with The Factory Photography as having been all and more than promised.  “much more than just “taking pretty pictures.” Our hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself, see your beauty & spirit the way others already see you.”

A true revelation and revolution from the inside out – by being courageous and share their stories with Goldy who captures their essence in images that tell the story of every woman shown as one who deserves to be celebrated every day as she journeys on. .. maybe with a little more self-love and self-confidence sharing her light with all those ready to witness true beauty. 

Allow yourself to be touched and inspired by these ladies through the one-of-a-kind photographic testimonies and remember that this may just be meant to spark the hero in you. 

If you want to know more about Goldy, or another such projects, contact the Factory direct:  Jamie Finster, The Factory Photography, +1 (615) 437-3373, email the team here

Or follow Goldy on social media and hear the latest song from her and her band called ‘Just Say Yes’ or her non-profit organization: I CanCer … yes this lady does a lot and has a history of doing good! 

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