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Beyond Survival: Crafting a Resilient Purpose for a Post-Pandemic Tomorrow -Interview with Dagmar Fleming

How is 2024 looking for you so far? Many people reflect on their progress in various aspects of their lives as one year ends and a new one has begun. That annual transition is a time marked by introspection, evaluation, and a heightened awareness of the need for change. Now almost two full months into a new year, people are carefully taking stock of where they are and how the year is beginning to unfold. This phenomenon underscores the significance of questioning one’s path and seeking improvement to set the tone for the rest of this year. Experts indicate the life areas subject to the most continual introspection are professional development, personal development, and relationships.

The aftermath of the global pandemic ushered in an era of even more profound introspection for many people, compelling them to seek meaning, legacy, and a deeper understanding of their purpose. During the pandemic, many people experienced changes in their work routines, with remote work becoming more common. This shift prompted people to reconsider their professional and personal lives, leading some to seek new opportunities, career changes, or the pursuit of different lifestyles. Additionally, the pandemic highlighted the importance of well-being and job satisfaction, prompting workers to prioritize these factors over traditional job security.

Through a conversation with Dagmar Fleming, success coach, mentor, and creator of the Triple Quantum Reset™ modality for personal transformation, we will delve into the intricacies of finding purpose, maintaining authenticity, and navigating the complexities of success in our new, post-pandemic reality.

The Power of Pause and Reflection

According to Dagmar, there are two types of expansion: external and internal. External expansion is when business owners think hiring more people or adding another marketing strategy will make more money and generate more sales. Many business owners fail to realize their internal expansion must happen first. 

Internal expansion is another word for self-reflection. Business leaders would benefit from taking a moment to pause, reflect, and pose a critical question to themselves: Among the goals on my list, which ones genuinely matter, not just for today or the next three months, but contribute meaningfully to my life?

“Until we pause, we can’t even take stock of what’s happening in our lives. The biggest movement happens in a moment of stillness.” – Dagmar Fleming

Fleming encourages entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to delve into a fundamental question: “Why?” This inquiry can go deep because our lives are shaped by experiences of past events that brought distress, hurt, or even harm. Yet, emerging from these experiences has made us wiser and more committed to avoiding their recurrence. As business owners, we often embark on a mission to guide others away from perceived mistakes or traumas. Understanding the profound “why” behind our actions is a powerful catalyst for our endeavors.

Empowering clients to discover their true purpose

Fleming explains: “A mission or business can smoothly expand when the owner is profoundly aligned with their purpose.” Using the example of an entrepreneur who is in the cosmetic space, specializing in resolving rosacea, she suggests her entrepreneurial journey originates from personal struggles with skin problems. This entrepreneur may have experienced bullying in childhood and high school due to her appearance. Her lifelong pursuit to deal with this issue led her to discover a product that not only benefited her but had the potential to help others.

Fleming emphasizes there is a transformative nature in sharing your hard-earned wisdom and solutions, positively impacting the wider community. Reflecting on personal experiences, the entrepreneur poses the crucial question: How did I find this solution, and what worked for me? By recognizing clients are an ideal reflection of oneself, understanding one’s journey becomes instrumental in crafting business strategies that authentically align with personal experiences.

Dagmar Fleming’s Triple Quantum Reset model

Stepping into authenticity

Maintaining authenticity while juggling personal and professional demands is a universal challenge. Fleming offers a solution: suspend your judgment. It’s essential to refrain from passing judgment, whether it originates externally or self-imposed, as negative emotions can carry significant weight. The fear of not being accepted often hinders people from authentically expressing who they are. This fear stems from a deep-rooted survival instinct embedded in human consciousness since ancient times when being part of a community was vital for survival.

This primal instinct, encoded in the limbic system, protects us from perceived negative influences. However, this protective mechanism sometimes drives people to hide . . . from themself and their emotions. Many people turn to distractions, including television, radio, music, social media, and games, to avoid confronting their emotions or facing their authentic selves. These diversions serve as a temporary escape, allowing people to momentarily distance themself from introspection and the potential discomfort associated with self-reflection. In doing so, they create a buffer to shield themself from delving into deeper emotional complexities or addressing aspects of their identity that demand contemplation and acceptance.

“The swiftest way to dissolve the emotions is to accept them and allow them to flow through you without judgment or opinion.” – Dagmar Fleming

In addressing emotions, Dagmar says the swiftest method to dispel them involves embracing and allowing their flow, acknowledging them as a source of valuable information. For instance, encountering a potential need for a new marketing strategy in a business may evoke fear, uncertainty, and concerns about financial implications. Succumbing to these negative emotions can lead to paralysis, where doubts about making the correct decisions arise. To navigate this, Fleming encourages people to allow themselves to remain uncertain and refrain from passing judgment on the perceived lack of clarity. Allowing these emotions to flow is a step toward emotional freedom. 

The behavior of many is shaped by a common influence—the collective desire for safety within society. This inclination may cause people to perceive every business-related action as potentially unsafe. This mindset can manifest in a reluctance to take actions deemed risky, which can hinder progress. However, there are instances when embracing innovative solutions and taking calculated risks becomes essential for the potential of achieving exponential payoffs. Despite the perceived safety concerns, venturing into uncharted territories can lead to significant business growth and success.

Overcoming Judgment and Staying True to Yourself

Some people perceive a sense of insecurity associated with stepping into their power. This apprehension relates to concerns about potential judgment and the fear of being ridiculed on a larger scale. For example, in kindergarten, you may have had kids laugh at you while you were reciting a poem. Many people who have these types of experiences tend to adopt self-protective measures. This includes positioning themself inconspicuously in professional environments, such as sitting in the back of boardrooms, hiding behind computers, and refraining from vocalizing valuable ideas in business meetings. The reluctance to step into the spotlight is rooted in the belief it is safer to remain concealed, a perspective formed from the fear of exposing their genuine self, based on past vulnerabilities.

There might be a tendency to pursue goals imposed by other people, leading to a divergence between an individual’s personal values and financial objectives. The pursuit of external indicators of success, often influenced by societal or parental expectations, tends to leave people with a sense of unfulfillment. Dagmar advocates for a transformative shift toward a more profound comprehension of one’s “why,” emphasizing that genuine success is found in sharing wisdom and positively impacting others. 

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Discover Purpose

Operating based on objectives set by others often leads people to question their unmet goals. The desire for financial success, commonly shared among business owners aspiring to create prosperous practices, stems from a yearning for safety and security. These entrepreneurs may express disappointment when immediate financial milestones are not achieved. Yet delving into their deeper purpose, or “why,” reveals a crucial realization. The pursuit was never exclusively driven by financial gains; rather, it was grounded in the desire to impart wisdom, create a significant impact, and experience the satisfaction of clients benefiting from the solutions provided. 

“As business owners, we often embark on a mission to assist others in avoiding perceived mistakes or traumas, driven by a deeper understanding of our purpose in what we do.” – Dagmar Fleming

The fulfillment gained from positively impacting clients goes beyond the mere attainment of financial goals. This satisfaction holds a significantly greater implication, as it transcends the pursuit of monetary benchmarks that may not align with one’s authentic desires. Often, individuals find themselves chasing financial milestones to meet external expectations of success, even when such pursuits may not resonate with their true aspirations.

In this profound exploration of purpose and authenticity in business, Fleming offers invaluable insights for those navigating the post-pandemic reality. The power of pause and reflection, the importance of aligning business with personal values, and the continuous journey of authenticity are essential elements in finding true purpose. As people navigate this complex terrain, the wisdom shared by Dagmar Fleming serves as a guiding light, encouraging all to embark on a journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and purpose in the post-pandemic world.

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