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Awaken and Access Altered States Correctly with Mas Sajady

Do you feel like it’s time for a vacation?

How much time do you spend feeling satisfied? Most people are seeking something, and maybe don’t know what that is. We spend resources and energy trying to fill our time and our metaphoric plates and cups with special moments that keep misery at bay and keep us in our happy place. If you are like most people, you spend money chasing happiness. You can spend money on things, or experiences. Let’s look at happiness and finding fulfillment that can go beyond psychology, and dive into some alternatives you maybe don’t even know you are seeking.

A change of scenery will do you good, as the adage goes. After all, the “experience economy” is about doing, seeing, and exploring to feed our souls and free our minds. We know material objects don’t satisfy long-term or shift our consciousness. People realize that rather than buying things to feel happy briefly, an experience can be integrated into your being and allow for a sort of transformation at a deeper level.

Create Yourself

While some people are happy to go on a vacation to a tropical island, unwind and maybe have some moments of “finding themselves”, others are beyond all that and know that lasting changes are for those who will create themselves. These forward-thinking creators are destined to awaken, evolve, and expand. Does that sound like you? In essence, those who dare to seek solutions beyond what is common knowledge or common practice are testing the true limits of human potential. The idea of creating your reality is no longer new, and the popularity of movies featuring quantum concepts illustrates this shift in our collective consciousness. But this type of creation, or manifestation, is not well understood.

Mas Sajady is a man whom many believe exists within the quantum realm. The founder of Xponential Intelligence (XI), he has been called a healer, seer, or even prophet. He would call himself an awakener, who helps people to transform to their highest potential and access God’s intelligence with his abilities gained in three near-death experiences.

Successful but Searching?

The XI community is full of testimonials that are as varied as they are impressive. His solutions, clients say, go beyond temporary fixes, beyond psychology. They are tailor-made for those who are successful but searching, who are advanced but unfulfilled, and who know there is more out there beyond what the current instruments of science can fully quantify.

Maybe you can identify with that nagging feeling, that despite your success and accomplishment, something is off. So, what’s missing? Mas believes what’s missing is you. The connection to source, your higher self, the true essence of who you are.

So, you need more than just a vacation.

XI Experiences

What if you could experience something that is specifically cultivated by someone who helps others to transform in a way that his fans say is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced? From creating experiential events at venues like the London Science Museum to retreats at exotic locations like Ibiza’s Fincadelica Resort to The Meaning of Life cruise to Tahiti, Mas is creating one-of-a-kind happenings.

These trips are as exclusive as they are transformative. The opportunity to join in reality-shifting experiences in dreamy and tropical locales is giving his ever-growing community of fans and followers more ways to expand. 

Mas says, “Nowadays people are searching for connection with themselves, or God, and they start to understand the concept of the meaning of life. Today, more than ever, people are truly searching for something very different. Some are disillusioned with the religions of the past because they are from the past… and even science today is based upon learning from the past hundred years. Technology today has advanced, but our human consciousness is stuck in the past.” 

On the Tahiti cruise and the Ibiza retreat, guests were getting into ecstatic and altered states. But they aren’t the drug-induced type with which you may be familiar, and it goes beyond just feeling good. Altered states may be used for escape or advancement (enhanced understanding, well-being, or other growth-related outcomes).

Chasing Altered States Incorrectly?

The popularity of microdosing has increased in the past few years. In an article by Harvard Health (Sept. 2022), microdosing is described as using a fraction of the regular dose of psychedelic drugs (subperceptual), to hopefully benefit one’s mental health. According to Mas, considered an expert in frequencies and altered states by his million+ followers, most people are doing it wrong; using psychedelics and seeking altered states incorrectly is why they aren’t seeing lasting benefits from it.

In the case of psychedelics, or even groups who get into altered states from extreme motivational speakers, Mas notes, “They get euphoric and all that, but they don’t know how to cleanse themselves out. They don’t know how to process that stuff that’s coming off people. Imagine yourself throwing all your garbage up into the air and it has to come back down because nobody knows how to filter it out. This is what true shamans did, for example when people did ayahuasca experiences, shamans guided them to do it properly.”

Mas has observed evidence of people doing this incorrectly, both from numerous studies he has reviewed and anecdotes from those he’s helped, about how it had gone wrong for them previously. He concludes that most people are not using true shamans or proper guides, and they aren’t having a helpful experience.  “When you throw all that stuff out, you not only get some of your stuff back, but you also get other people’s garbage into you as well. Although it feels ecstatic and euphoric for a while afterward, when people have these experiences, it messes them up. It starts to distort them.”

Don’t Escape

The goal is to let the junk out of your body, to clean out your being, not just let yourself go and come back to all your junk. In the retreats and cruises that XI offers, Mas’s clients are making use of the frequencies he creates to leap into a new version of being. He encourages his guests to experience how it’s easier to clean up and embody a new reality, so you don’t feel the need to leave your body or escape your reality.

One way the XI group attained an ecstatic state was with Five Rhythms dancing, where a guide starts everyone out at a slow pace and progresses from there. This allows the men and women in the group to all become comfortable in their bodies, as music begins to get faster and faster. Mas explains, “They get ecstatic, they start dancing, they get to lose themselves, coming into a euphoric state.” However, Mas shares how he made the experience transcend the ordinary, without any psychedelics: “I was actually meditating and creating a sphere of frequencies that enveloped the people, literally bathing them in pure frequencies, allowing them to become who they really are. It’s about helping you get into the individual that you are in your body, not escaping your body.” This is just one part of the transformation that happened with the XI trips.

Nature and God’s Intelligence

Throughout history, many societies and religions have revered nature as sacred. For those who feel the interconnectedness of all things, there is wonder and healing to be found in nature. This reciprocal process is one that Mas is familiar with, so he recommends “Getting into cool spaces to explore the possibilities of who you are.”

The guests on the Meaning of Life cruise consisted of expansive creators who wanted that next-level experience. Not only was there ecstatic dancing, but immersion in the glory of nature. Mas is known as the expert in accessing God’s intelligence because that is part of what his clients said they experienced there; it’s all part of the awakening they experience.

Awaken in Paradise

Awakening is a term to describe coming to understand and live the essence of who you are. With the trips that XI offers, guests are both literally and figuratively awakened in nature’s paradise. According to Mas, “We used nature to our advantage, but we also gave back to nature. We went to some breathtaking spots during our excursions at different ports, and we were able to combine the beauty and pure essence of nature with the purity of who we all are.”

Mas says their groups always find places where the frequencies are powerful. “Wherever we go, we try to clean a place up from the myths and all the distortions that are there and refurbish it. This will re-energize it back to its original state, so it can help us go to higher aspects of who we are.”

Get Ready for Burning Man

Mas always has new and upcoming opportunities to experience. XI will have a group retreat at the upcoming Burning Man in August. Mas describes, “Our goal for Burning Man is to take you to that next level of being and awareness, so it’s not about recovery or healing, it’s about let’s see the possibilities of what humans can do.” Between now and then there are other events and hyper-meditations to participate in so you can be ready for your next expansion.”

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