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Vito Glazers Hollywood Comedy Debut with Jimmy Shin at Roosevelt Hotel Sells Out

Saturday night’s comedy show at the Roosevelt Hotel theater that is set to be the Hollywood debut of comedy newcomer Vito Glazers, produced by Jimmy Shin, and featuring television stars Tom Arnold and Darrell Hammond has sold out. The illustrious Roosevelt Hotel Theater, a venue synonymous with historic performances and star-studded gatherings, will play host to an event that promises not only laughter but an unforgettable experience. Spearheaded by one of Los Angeles’s top live comedy producers, Jimmy Shin, the night will see a lineup of comedic brilliance marking an especially special night for none other than Vito Glazers, who is making his much-anticipated stand-up debut in Hollywood.

Vito Glazers, primarily known for his ventures in media and entertainment, is stepping into the limelight with a controversial angle of humor. His journey to this stage has been anything but ordinary. Known for his astute business acumen and engaging personality, Glazers has carved a niche for himself in various industries. However, it’s his recent pivot towards comedy that has caught many by surprise and anticipation. “I am grateful for Jimmy Shin for pushing me into doing comedy and to my awesome friends and fans in LA for supporting me,” Glazers stated, reflecting on this new chapter.

The event slated for February 17th at the Roosevelt Hotel Theater marks a significant milestone in Glazers’ burgeoning comedic career. Doors are set to open at 7 PM with the show kicking off at an hour later. The buzz surrounding this evening is palpable, evidenced by the rapid sell-out of tickets—a testament to Glazers growing popularity, Shin’s ability to produce and promote events, and the high expectations of the other comics like Tom Arnold from the Rosanne Show and Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live.

Jimmy Shin’s role as both a mentor to Glazers and producer of the event cannot be overstated. With an impeccable reputation for organizing top-tier comedy shows across Los Angeles—shows that have featured industry giants like Bill Burr, Iliza Shlesinger, and Kevin Nealon—Shin brings his Midas touch to what is being dubbed as “The Ultimate Comedy Party.”  The Shindig Show’s success at venues like The Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv now converges with the historical backdrop of the Roosevelt Hotel to create an unparalleled comedic experience.

The lineup boasts an eclectic mix of talent including Tom Arnold, Darrell Hammond known for his stellar performances on Saturday Night Live, alongside Mario Adrion, Joz Sida, Gary Robinson, Dana Moon, Doc Opp, Kristy Quinn, and Joseph Ryan Martinez, all who are notable and exceptional talents individually and collectively. Each performer brings their unique style to what promises to be an electrifying ensemble set against one of Hollywood’s most iconic backdrops.

Attendees can expect new material at every show—an assurance from Glazers himself—as he seeks not just to entertain but also connect with his audience through humor that resonates with authenticity and relatability. This approach underscores not just a night of laughs but an immersive experience where comedy serves as both art form and conduit between performer and audience.

Moreover, the event places emphasis on engagement beyond mere performance; doors open early encouraging attendees to revel in the ambiance of the Roosevelt Hotel Theater while enjoying offerings from a carefully curated food and drink menu—a prelude setting the tone for what lies ahead.

As anticipation builds towards February 17th—the stage is set not just for Vito Glazers’ debut but potentially marking another chapter where Hollywood history gets written not through film or song but through laughter echoing within walls steeped in tradition yet always ready to embrace new narratives especially those championed by talents like these comics who dare venture into uncharted territories armed simply with wit charm & undeterred passion towards crafting moments meant not just remembered but cherished long after curtains draw close & lights dim down signaling end yet another spectacular evening under starlit skies Hollywood.

For more information about this sold out event or secure last-minute details visit or follow @iamjimmyshin on Instagram along @vitoglazers where updates behind-the-scenes content provides glimpses into preparations leading up big night ensuring those unable attend person can still partake excitement unfold albeit virtually connecting fans across globe shared love laughter camaraderie forged through universal language humor transcending boundaries uniting us all irrespective of background belief—a sentiment echoed throughout the careers of comedians who continue to inspire, entertain and transform lives, one joke at a time.

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