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Love In Goldy’s Corner

1 Corinthians 13

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.

I never understood why people cry at weddings. When I was a kid and I’d see people tear up I giggled and was almost embarrassed for them. Weddings can evoke such strong emotions because they symbolize hope, commitment, and the celebration of love. It wasn’t until I got older, had my own relationships fail, and watched relationship goals fall by the wayside that I finally started to appreciate why people get emotional. My God two people found each other and can actually stand to be in the same room for more than 10 minutes! If that doesn’t make you cry I don’t know what will!

I remember hearing the Corinthians verse above at weddings and finally understanding its power and what it meant. Love, in my opinion, is just the most spectacular beautiful, and precious gift a human being could ever hope to have. To find it with someone, whether it be a friend or a partner is just a treasure. I know love looks different to everyone, but let me tell you what it looks like to me & why.

I will start with what it doesn’t look like. Not to go full “Karen” on you all, but it’s important for the females here especially and the males to hear this. I’m not saying one sex is more at fault. Both are. I’ll outline two different scenarios.

Certainly, understanding what love isn’t is just as crucial as recognizing what it is. Not to go full “Karen” on you all, but let’s delve into these scenarios to shed light on the complexities of relationships and the importance of mutual respect and understanding between both sexes.

I recently had a woman come to the studio to do some recording. Her song was to be a gift for her husband’s birthday. From the minute she arrived she was frantic. Checking her phone every 5 seconds to see if he was texting or what he was mad about. The control this man had over her was disgusting. My heart was so sad for her. He had dropped her off and was also her ride home. He pushed and pushed for her to hurry up and finish and it ruined everything. The creation process never works like that. It was so obvious she was in an abusive relationship. 30 years into it, I know she thought she was trapped. She thought this was love in some twisted way. It wasn’t.

Gender doesn’t dictate who may experience challenges in relationships. Whether it’s a man or a woman, anyone can find themselves in situations where they feel controlled or manipulated by their partner. Whether it’s about where they go, how they spend their money, or navigating jealousy in any relationship dynamic, these struggles can affect anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Control isn’t love. As 1 Corinthians 13 states so clearly, there is no envy.

Reflecting on my past relationship, I realized there were areas where I could have improved. I could have been kinder and reacted better to situations. I should have had a better filter on what came out of my mouth. I showed a lot of love, but not in my partner’s love language. The way HE needed to be shown love. You can’t do it all your way and not listen literally or metaphorically to what your partner needs. If you don’t know about “Love Languages” please go look here:

If you are having ANY trouble with your “person,” I highly recommend this book. It just helps with every relationship in your life. It will improve your relationship with friends, co-workers, parents, lovers… hell even your cat! Even though I still can’t figure out what my own is, or what combination to this day, it has helped me gain clarity to the people around me I love.

Now we rewind to the best part of this story. It was many years ago. I had a fat fresh newly landed record deal and songs on the radio. I remember it like it was yesterday! It was just like how you’ve seen it in the movies and on TV. I had a lavish life back then and anything I wanted. I thought THAT was the definition of success. On one flight I was kindly bumped up to first class and ready to enjoy every bit of the pre-911 glory. It was so magical then. White Linens on the faux tables, REAL silverware, champagne glasses for my Dom Perignon water. 

Let’s hit rewind and journey back to the golden days of my story. Picture it: a brand-new record deal, my tunes hitting the airwaves, and living a life straight out of a blockbuster movie. It was the epitome of glitz and glamour, where every wish was my command.

One particular flight stands out in my memory like a scene from a Hollywood flick. As luck would have it, I found myself upgraded to first class, basking in the luxury of pre-911 air travel. The ambiance was nothing short of enchanting, with crisp white linens, gleaming silverware, and champagne flutes fit for a celebration.

I sat next to A kind calm and collected gentleman. he stayed to himself. I remember studying his hands. I’m always looking at everybody’s hands. the more well-groomed and manicured they are the better the story. this man’s Hands look like they never worked a day in their life. I looked at him and quietly said, “You normally don’t fly first class do you?” He asked me what gave it away. And just like that, a conversation sparked between two strangers, united by the shared experience of unexpected luxury amidst the clouds.

Talk about a plot twist! Turns out, my instincts were spot on as usual. You see, his private jet hit a snag, so he ended up on the same commercial flight as yours truly. And get this: he’s not just any fellow traveler—he’s a bona fide billionaire, with his fortune made in the oil industry.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Instead of bombarding him with a million questions like a paparazzi on the red carpet, I decided to take a different approach. I leaned in and asked him a single question, one that cut straight to the chase: “If you could sum up your success in one line of advice, what would it be?”

His words lingered in my mind for years to come, a timeless reminder of the power of simplicity. His sage advice became the cornerstone of my approach to business and life alike. “Treat people as though they are dying,” he said, and those words struck a chord deep within me.

Next time you’re feeling the urge to unleash a verbal tornado or drop a promo bomb on someone for a slip-up, hit pause and ask yourself a game-changing question: Would I react the same if I knew they wouldn’t be here tomorrow? It’s a powerful reality check that can shift your perspective faster than a viral TikTok trend.

Take a beat, let those thoughts marinate, and you might just find a calmer, more compassionate version of yourself emerging. Trust me, this simple trick has worked wonders for me, and I’m confident it can do the same for you.

Here’s a fun little litmus test I like to call the Lowe’s or Home Depot challenge—though it could be any store, really. Picture this: you’re on a mission to snag that one specific item you absolutely need. But lo and behold, you find yourself dazzled by all the shiny distractions along the way. Suddenly, you’re eyeing the perfect gift for a friend or that special someone in your life, and before you know it, you’re heading home empty-handed, your original mission forgotten in the whirlwind of excitement.

Sound familiar? If this scenario strikes a chord with you, it might just be another sign you love someone; romantic or platonic. After all, what’s better than getting swept up in the joy of giving, even if it means sacrificing your own shopping list along the way? Let me know if this rings true for you.

Over the years, my idea of success has undergone a major makeover. Gone are the days of measuring it by fancy cars, designer threads, or the penthouse pad I used to call home. Below was beautiful but I should have listened to my guy and SAVED that money & invested!

These days, success for me is all about one thing: the number of people I have the privilege of loving. This Valentine’s Day and every day, it’s not about material possessions or status symbols—it’s about the richness of connections, the depth of relationships, and the joy of sharing love with those who matter most. So, here’s to counting blessings instead of bank accounts, and celebrating the true treasures in life: the people we hold dear.


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