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Celebrating the Legacy – Past, Present and Future of Black History Month: A Tribute to Pioneers and Innovators

In celebration of Black History Month this February, The Los Angeles Tribune takes a moment to reflect on the profound contributions of African Americans to the fabric of our nation. This month is not just a recognition of past struggles and achievements but a celebration of the ongoing impact and innovation within the Black community.

From the valiant efforts of civil rights leaders who paved the way for equality and justice, to the modern-day pioneers breaking new ground in technology, arts, entrepreneurship, and beyond, Black History Month serves as a beacon of inspiration and resilience. It’s a time to honor those who have shaped our history and those who continue to influence our future.

Inspirational Legacy & Leadership: A Global Broadcast Tribute to Black Excellence

In line with our commitment to fostering a community of inspiration for innovators and business leaders, The Los Angeles Tribune will be spotlighting stories of Black leaders and entrepreneurs who are innovating, inspiring and creating impact in the landscape of business, technology, innovation, government and education in a landmark experience —a one-day global broadcast dedicated to celebrating black leaders during Black History Month.

The Los Angeles Tribune, in partnership with Young Black and N’ Business (YB&NB) will hold a special global broadcast which promises to unite voices from around the world in a powerful celebration of black voices, leaders, voices, and pioneers across within and across the spirit of the Black community. From historical figures to today’s change-makers, we are sharing stories, recognizing achievements, and catalyzing impact. Their achievements not only contribute to economic growth but also challenge and inspire future generations to dream big and break barriers.

Join us at The Los Angeles Tribune as we celebrate Black History Month, February 22, 2024, live in The Los Angeles Tribune Network for a full day global broadcast. This event is more than a celebration; it’s an experience to gather as a community to listen to stories of courage, contribute to innovation, and learn from leaders that inspire us all.

We invite you to embrace this opportunity to join in union, highlighting and honoring individual, group and community legacy. Join us in honoring the past, celebrating the present, and inspiring the future. Together, we can make a difference.

For media inquiries and for opportunities to collaborate, please email

About Young Black and N’ Business

Young Black & N’ Business LLC. is a business community that aims to create generational wealth through business enterprise, education, employment, and investing. Led by its founder and CEO, Roosevelt Williams III, the goal of YB&NB is to support the business, career, and financial success of their members which results in the economic empowerment and vertical integration of early emerging entrepreneurs. YB&NB is a community organization devoted to serving and motivating the overlooked and the underserved majority working together as one to be healthy, happy and successful.

About Roosevelt Williams, III

As the visionary leader of YB&NB, Roosevelt Williams, III formed Young Black & N’ Business with the hopes of providing a ladder for upward mobility for his community. His vision was that this ladder would do more than help people leave the “physical” hood, but release the mental shackles formed by systematic marginalization. Today, Young Black & N’ Business is proud to bring early entrepreneurs out of the darkness and into the light by helping them grow their professional look network, providing high value exposure opportunities, and entrepreneurial content from real entrepreneurs. 

About The Los Angeles Tribune

(l to R) Moe Rock, CEO of The Los Angeles Tribune, Christopher Jones – awardee recognized for his outstanding leadership in the real estate community, and Roosevelt Williams III, founder and CEO of YB&NB

A staple name in California since 1886, The Los Angeles Tribune, under new leadership, has expanded its global audience since the pandemic, redefining what it means to be a national news brand as both a newspaper and a multi-media conglomerate.

Dedicated to leadership, personal development, and news that is inspiring, uplifting, and educational, The Los Angeles Tribune is taking an innovative stance on empowering businesses, individuals, and communities. Through powerful digital storytelling, summits that elevate mindsets, books that educate, media coverage that positions brands for growth, and business solutions that fortify client engagement, The Los Angeles Tribune is committed to innovation at the intersection of media, development, and empowerment.

The Los Angeles Tribune celebrates leaders throughout the year with partnership events, awards and speaking opportunities in news, on virtual and physical stages, highlighting their impact, and sharing their messages around the world.

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