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Jessie Goodall: From UCLA Rowing Champion to Leading the Charge at Besa mi Vino

Los Angeles – Jessie Goodall’s journey from the NCAA D1 Women’s Rowing Team at UCLA to the forefront of the Los Angeles startup scene encapsulates a tale of resilience, leadership, and innovation. Goodall, currently serving as the Operations Manager and Chief of Staff at Besa mi Vino, has brought her competitive spirit and strategic acumen from the athletic field to the bustling world of startups.

A London native and a UCLA graduate in Communications with a minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media, Jessie dedicated nearly four years to rowing, earning the title of “Most Inspirational Athlete” in 2022 and 2023. Her commitment to the sport went hand-in-hand with her academic pursuits, shaping a well-rounded leader.

“In my sophomore year, I immersed myself in the startup world, influenced by the entrepreneurial success of both my parents,” says Goodall. This experience sparked a passion that would see her balance the pressures of being a top athlete with the demands of the fast-paced business environment.

Following her graduation, Goodall secured a pivotal role at Besa mi Vino, a unique Los Angeles-based startup known for its distinction as a female-funded and operated venture. Here, she leads marketing strategies for product launches, including a popular drinking game on Amazon, and manages key accounts. Jessie is also responsible for building a team of interns and graduates, a testament to her leadership prowess.

Goodall’s sporting accolades include being a CRCA Scholar athlete from 2019-2023 and serving as the England Rowing captain. Her athletic scholarship for UCLA, covering all four years, speaks to her excellence in the field of rowing.

Beyond her sports and corporate achievements, Jessie has made a significant mark in event management. As the Head of Events at Besa mi Vino, she played a central role in the Warner Bros’ Women Empowerment Barbie Fashion Show 2023, an event that drew over 2,000 attendees and significant media coverage.

Jessie Goodall’s story is one of seamless transition from sports to business leadership, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. As she continues to shape the future of Besa mi Vino, her journey serves as an inspiration to young professionals everywhere, demonstrating that skills honed in sports – leadership, resilience, and execution under pressure – are invaluable in the business world.

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