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Cultivating Well-Being Through Simple Daily Practices: Deborah Myers’ Journey into Acupressure for Kids

Deborah Myers’ introduction to alternative medicine began in the 1970s when her college professor suggested attending a presentation on energy medicine. Intrigued by the intricate dynamics of energy exchange, Myers delved into the complexities of energy management, setting the stage for a career that would profoundly impact numerous lives. Throughout her life, Myers navigated various occupations, yet her early exposure to energy balancing ultimately led her to a pivotal role as a leader in acupressure for children.

An Early Start in Juvenile Justice
Myers’ early career as a probation officer showcased her dedication to instigating positive transformations in troubled youth. She spearheaded the development of a group program, demonstrating a keen awareness of the energy dynamics between individuals. This initiative occurred when group programs tailored for teenagers were non-existent. The inception of the Trailblazers program highlighted her innovative strategy, seeking to redefine behavioral patterns by providing young individuals with a new perspective on the world.

Embracing her passion for conflict resolution, Myers later became a trained mediator at Denver’s Center for Dispute Resolution. Specializing in child custody support, she played a crucial role in reuniting families and guiding at-risk youth away from the streets and back into the security of their homes. Her love for this work became evident, and she found fulfillment in fostering positive change within families.

Coming in full circle
Several career paths led Myers away from her early pursuits of empowering children. Myers worked as a real estate agent before moving into other financial jobs. Following a relocation to California, a major accident in 1993 marked a turning point for Myers. Determined to explore healing methods, Deborah closed her insurance and securities office, freeing herself from all business obligations. She subsequently enrolled at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley to secure her California certification. During this journey, she immersed herself in Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese form of acupressure, expanding her knowledge of healing techniques. In March 1995, Deborah achieved certification as an acupressure practitioner, bringing her full circle back to empowering children through energy balancing.

Myers’ therapeutic sessions extend beyond traditional practices, emphasizing the importance of self-help. Her teachings empower individuals to actively participate in their well-being, advocating for daily balance and harmony in physical, mental, and emotional realms. Through workshops and the publication of “The Energy Balancing Care Guide,” Myers crystallizes her teachings, providing people with practical tools for transformative self-care.

How to Stay in a Healthy Flow
The trademarked Daily Clean Your House Flow®, a nine-step self-help acupressure flow is the core of Deborah’s workshops. This empowering practice enables people to shift their energy by themself, fostering a deep sense of well-being. The simplicity and effectiveness of these daily exercises equip people to face life’s challenges from a space of centered calmness. This easy practice is available in an animated video on her website for free:

Myers’ influence reached new heights when she was invited to teach her workshops to the staff at the Sonoma Developmental Center. Incorporating her teachings, particularly the Daily Clean Your House Flow® into workshops showcased positive changes in students and transformed the overall classroom dynamic. The ripple effect highlighted the efficacy of Myers’ approach, resonating with people seeking personal growth and educators striving to create a positive learning environment.

Acupressure for Kids: Easing Anxiety with Two Hands
One of Myers’ valuable techniques involves instructing children to use their hands to alleviate anxiety. Myers recommends the following steps: To let go of anxiousness and foster a sense of calmness; balance emotions; bring forth a strong voice; release tension in the jaw, mouth, or throat; and alleviate tension around old patterns; create a breath, using a gentle touch, place your fingertips as follows: with the right hand, cup the sternum directly below the clavicle (thumb on one side of the sternum and fingertips on the other), and with the left hand, hold fingertips in a vertical pattern on the stomach below the navel. Hold this position for a few moments and breathe deeply.

Myers’ foray into education is not just limited to working with educators . . . it extends to empowering people through knowledge. Her workshops are not only for students; Myers provides one for teachers and another for parents. These are immersive experiences where participants gain tools to engage in their well-being actively. The Daily Clean Your House Flow® becomes more than a routine; it becomes a self-empowerment ritual, guiding people toward a life of balanced emotions.

Impacting Children
Delving deeper into Myers’ journey in energy medicine, it’s essential to recognize the expansive impact she’s had on the well-being of children. Her dedication to juvenile justice, conflict resolution, and alternative healing methods has laid the groundwork for her unique approach to energy balancing. Myers’ ability to seamlessly integrate ancient practices with modern applications has positioned her as a leader, not just in acupressure for adults, but as a pioneer in introducing these transformative techniques to children.

The impact of Myers’ teachings reverberates not only in personal growth but in the transformation of entire communities. The foundational principles of daily self-care, as championed by Myers, become not just practices but a way of life. Her journey, marked by resilience and a commitment to holistic well-being, paves the way for future generations to embrace the transformative power of energy medicine and acupressure.

As a testament to her commitment to well-being, Deborah Myers offered a free holiday workshop titled “The Holiday Survival Bootcamp.” The one-and-a-half-hour session was created to help individuals experience more joy during the potentially stressful shopping and party season, showcasing Myers’ dedication to providing practical solutions for everyday challenges. Participants offered positive feedback for the impact this made on their wellbeing and the new ability to find balance in the chaotic season. 

Recognition and Awards
Deborah Myers’ journey from her early exposure to energy medicine to her current role as a leader in acupressure for kids is a testament to her unwavering commitment to holistic well-being. She was recently the recipient of The Legend Award for her decades of work in her field from the Los Angeles Tribune and YBNB, as well as a special Certificate of Recognition from the office of San Diego County Supervisor, Nora Vargas.

As an additional testament to her impressive career and legacy of helping people of all ages, the California Legislature Assembly also bestowed a Certificate of Recognition, Volunteer Appreciation Certificate upon Deborah to recognize her various endeavors. 

Through her transformative workshops, empowering teachings, and impactful acupressure practices, Myers inspires people to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually embrace a harmonious existence. In navigating the complexities of the modern world, the transformative power of daily self-care, championed by Myers, serves as a guiding light for all who seek a path to lasting well-being.

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