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Top Ten Women Leaders to Watch for in 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year, especially in the world of personal development and leadership. Here are ten inspiring women who are expected to make significant impacts in their respective fields, empowering others and inspiring the masses:

Rachel Weaver: Founder-CEO of Amplify & Impact Global, Rachel is a multi-talented leader in branding, PR, and media relations. With 15 years of experience driving business growth, she serves as the official PR team for TEDxSanDiego and hosts a TV News show on Now Media. Her expertise in communications and leadership positions her as a key figure to watch.

Aiofe Roche: Aoife Roche is a multi-talented professional, known for her achievements across various fields. Starting her career in tech in Ireland and London, she played a key role in the HSBC EVPS project. Aoife’s journey then led her to health and fitness, where she won the Irish World Championship in 2018 and the UK Overall Bikini Model Champion title in 2019. She also secured second place in a California competition and became a marketing partner with Charles Glass. Now an entrepreneur, she founded Attention Grabbers, a marketing agency focusing on personal and professional brand building on LinkedIn. Her mission is to build businesses and change lives, emphasizing innovation and creativity.

Lori McNeil:
Lori McNeil is a distinguished leader in business growth strategy, emphasizing the maximization of revenue, optimization of operations, and acceleration of business development. Her approach is centered on strategic planning, leadership refinement, effective communication, and employee engagement. Lori’s website highlights the importance of digital methods in business development and stresses the need for strategies that combine long-standing business principles with modern internet-based marketing strategies. She is committed to helping leaders and organizations achieve their strategic goals and objectives through effective planning and resource alignment.

Lauren Fields: A personal coach and clinical psychology master’s student, Lauren’s practice, Fieldswell, is dedicated to helping individuals achieve wellness and self-actualization. Her unique approach, inspired by a near-fatal horse accident, emphasizes the limitless potential of well-being. Follow her journey on Instagram @laurenfields and LinkedIn @laurfields, or visit her website at

Muriel Blanc: Muriel is a global spiritual mentor known for her intuitive coaching and deep understanding of Alchemy and the 12 universal laws. Her mission to inspire and empower is rooted in her studies of ancient texts and healing modalities, making her a transformative leader to watch.

Renee Dutton: An International Best-selling author, philanthropist, and Founder of The Positivity Report, Renee’s resilience and dedication to spreading beauty and kindness make her an inspiring figure in the world of philanthropy and personal development.

Moirar M Leveille: Moirar Leveille, also known as the Holistic Wellness Whisperer, is a multifaceted wellness expert. She is licensed in mental health counseling and certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and Certified Clinical Iridologist, she employs a comprehensive approach, combining her skills in functional medicine and bioenergetics. Moirar, a six-time international bestselling author and notable speaker, is the CEO of Moirar Holistic Wellness, LLC, offering services in multiple languages. Her expertise extends to hosting the MINDFULYESS show on JD3TV and featuring on the Amazon Prime TV Show: Speak UP.

Parisa Rose:
Parisa Rose is a mindset mastery coach, personal trainer, and former professional swimmer. Her journey includes overcoming personal challenges, such as chronic fatigue and PTSD, which she bravely navigated while pursuing a successful swimming career. As an NCAA D1 athlete and national champion, Parisa has achieved notable success in swimming, including holding over 20 records in the U.S. Today, she dedicates herself to helping others, particularly women, move past their traumas and reframe their life experiences. Her work focuses on emotional and mental fitness, drawing from her athletic background and personal life lessons.

Kenyelle Ash:
Kenyelle Ash is the visionary behind Millions In Progress LLC, a company she rebranded in 2020 to aid over a million women in achieving their business and personal goals. With over a decade of experience in product development, brand management, strategy, and consulting, Kenyelle offers innovative products and coaching services. A standout product is the Visions In Progress “couture vision board magazine,” designed to assist in creating powerful vision boards. Her definition of success is achieving set goals and thriving in various life areas.

Jammie Matheson: From Firth, Idaho, Jammie is a part-owner of FLD Industries and a developer of a curriculum on “The Dynamic Principles of Hope.” She focuses on helping people trust their inner voice and make confident personal decisions.

Each of these women brings unique insights and transformative ideas to the table, making them leaders to watch in 2024. Their collective impact promises to inspire and empower individuals across various sectors, driving positive change in the personal development industry.

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