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Unique Startup investment updates from our CVC’s, VC’s and Angels

Smart Entrepreneurs in Deep/Climate/AI gain the attention of investors.

No matter what stage startups are, fundraising is one major priority for them. Pitch Global‘s unique events in front of CVCs and VCs for Deep Tech, Climate Tech, and AI entrepreneurs demonstrated a great success though Pitch Global’s mentoring activities.

We, at LA Tribune, have cooperated with Pitch Global ( for our major online event in 2021 (THE STARTUP HUSTLE – A QUANTUM LEAP | The Los Angeles Tribune).  So when we covered Pitch Global’s Diversity Funding event during Milken in Beverly Hills in May 2023 (The Los Angeles Tribune Joins Forces with Pitch Global as the Official Media Partner for the “Funding Diversity” Event on May 1st in Beverly Hills | The Los Angeles Tribune), we concluded that it was one of the most innovative investor events during Milken LA Global Conference.  

Achieving breakthroughs with unique Entrepreneurship events here are prestigious centerstage during CES
KC on the right & PG Board Member Laszlo Horvath next to him on CES CenterStage in 2023

We also heard about their center stage event during CES 2023. We wanted to learn more about Pitch Global’s accomplishments for the remainder of 2023 and of course what is in the store for 2024. So, we sat down with Kaustav Chaudhuri (KC), San Francisco based Founder of Pitch Global.

LA Tribune: Hello KC.  It is an honor to re-connect with you. We, at LA Tribune, are excited to learn about all of Pitch Global’s updates ever since Milken LA Global Conference in May. But first, tell us briefly about Pitch Global and what makes it unique.

KC: Thanks for having me. Pitch Global is a leading Mentoring and Fundraising platform based in Silicon Valley where presenting entrepreneurs have gone on to raising over $ 1 B since inception of Pitch Global.  We are a long-term affiliate of Funding and Mentoring Agencies connected with California Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Entrepreneurs we have mentored under this program has raised over $ 200 m in Economic Impact and Funding in the last 2 years alone. The following article on one of the Agency sites explains how we are connected with State of California Funding & Mentoring Agencies.

Over $ 1 Billion raised.

(by our presenting entrepreneurs)

Pitch Global results

LA Tribune: That’s really creating a lot of change. Can you elaborate more on the work done by Pitch Global.

KC: One mission in this relationship is for Pitch Global to update the Agencies, which back us, about future trends. When the pandemic begun, we predicted that Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVC’s) investing in early/all stages will become the biggest trend. Consequently, our backers from the State gave us the authority to build the local CVC network in Silicon Valley by starting CVC events and Summits. This took us and our eco system to the next level as we started dealing with global corporate investors which are collectively investing $ 1 T over the next few years. Just to give an example, Korea’s SK Group is investing $195B out of which they have committed to President Biden that they will invest $59B in USA alone. To recognize such global change makers, we created Silicon Valley Platinum Impact Award and made the Managing Director of SK Group’s CVC organization the first recipient.

LA Tribune: That’s impressive that investors in the Pitch Global eco system are investing $ 1 T + over the next few years. We know that Pitch Global has strong domain expertise in Health Tech/Lifesciences. You have hosted leading investors and thought leaders like Nobel Laureate Dr Thomas Sudhof of Stanford Medicine in your events. What are the other areas you have strengths in?

KC: Being in Silicon Valley, Pitch Global has a strong presence in DeepTech. We have also been able to attract some of the leading Climate Tech investors in the world like SK Group and Aramco. So, we thought of formally launching specialized events in these 2 areas. We are also keeping an eye on good startups in specialized areas like InsureTech , Edtech etc. where we know some really strong investors.

Deep Tech and Climate Tech Impact

LA Tribune: Can you expand on the 2 launch events for Climate Tech and Deep Tech.

Climate - Tech Event during APEC with VC leaders
Pitch Global Climate Tech Funding event during APEC
Seen in this picture from left is Carly Anderson –Prelude Ventures, Swati Dasgupta –National Grid, Daniel Carter—Aramco, Rajesh Swaminathan—Khosla and Deborah Magid, CVC-in-Residence, Pitch Global. Other participants include PG sponsor Andrew Harper—Sidley Law, Tim Singer –BP, Gerard Cuningham, McKinsey & Co etc.
Impact Award to SK Groups Hee Suk Jung at Pitch Global's CVC Government and Impact Summit.
Pitch Global CVC Government & Impact Summit in partnership with Silicon Valley SBDC
Seen in this picture is Hee Suk Jung, Head of SK Discovery (CVC arm of Korea’s SK Group which has committed to President Biden” invest $ 59b) with the Silicon Valley Platinum Impact Award given by the keynote, Clair Whitmer, Advisor, California Gov’s Office of Business and Economic Dev and handed over by Vish Mishra, Clear stone VC & Silicon Valley legend, standing on his right flanked by Debashish Gupta of Schlumberger CVC, Axel & KC, Founding EIR’s of Pitch Global and Louis Lehot, Partner Foley Law.

We Love Startups


KC: Our Climate Tech launch event was co-hosted by our long-term sponsor of 6 plus years, UC Berkeley Global, at their SF downtown campus. This was during APEC week and many of the attendees said ours was the best event they attended that week. Our event was keynoted by Gerard Cuningham, Co-Chair of Climate Tech & AI for Mckinsey & Co and our Panelists included leaders from UK’s National Grid, Khosla, BP, Saudi Aramco – and others.

Saudi Aremco just made $100 B profit in the recent financial year and investing some of that in Climate Tech,  

Our Deep Tech event was co-hosted by Law Firm DLA Piper and sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank and attracted leading investors from both CVC’s and VC’s. In addition to the panels we showcased promising startups, mentored by us on behalf of the State of California Funding & Mentoring Agencies.

LA Tribune: We, at LA Tribune, love startups and entrepreneurs. Can you give some examples of the startups you showcased in these 2 events.

KC: We love startups and entrepreneurs as well – it is our passion and dedication. They are the reason for our existence. We showcased and honored Troy Helming, Founder of Climate Tech startup  Earthgrid (EarthGrid™ Plasma Tunnel-Boring Technology | EarthGrid). Earthgrid has just raised $30M and is on track to raise even more. Troy shared an interesting fundraising anecdote. He had to present over 2000 times to reach his goals and Pitch Global was one of the few platforms where presenting led to immediate success. All presenters at Pitch Global have a meeting with one investor at the end of our events. We had matched Troy with one of our long term investors, Peter Morris of Wharton Angels, which led to an investment.

DeepTech examples

         We also showcased Deep Tech Founder Erik Eklund of Telemetrak, who has raised majority of their funding from Caltech Angels. They connected at Pitch Global with this group. Our mentorship enabled them to get many grants and US Govt contracts. Consequently they are now profitable and could stop fundraising.

Another DeepTech example is Russ Jones of Cargo Chief, who recounted that he managed to raise debt financing from Santa Cruz County Bank after presenting in Front of their representative at Pitch Global’s first online event, co-hosted by UC Berkeley Global now in its 6th year, right when Covid hit.

DLA Piper and Silicon Valley bank sponsored the relevant topic of Deep Terch and AI in front of CVC and VC audiences.
Pitch Global Event announcement for the CVC & VC Funding event at DLA Piper

LA Tribune: KC, you and your fellow EIR’s at Pitch Global have truly impacted the Silicon Valley eco system. We are honored to be an extended part as well. Can you share some of your future for 2024.

New Partnership

KC: Our biggest change has been to rope in Alliance Indus Foundation (AIF) (Alliance Indus – Building Global Partnership) – an elite sovereign engagement organization. They help investors and their portfolio companies scale in emerging markets and fundraise from sovereigns on PPP basis (Public Private Partnership) . We are co-hosting our signature Corporate VC, Govt& Impact Funding (CGIF) Summits with AllianceIndus.

KC continues: AIF secured the participation of Head of States like the CM of Gujarat (Chief Minister) and leading Congressmen like Brad Sherman, Chair Emeritus of India Caucus for our first joint CGIF Summit at SF Mayor’s Permit Building on 22nd Sept. I was now invited to join the Board of AIF and together, we aim to host 3 Summits in USA, 3 in Europe and 3 in Asia every year.  The following is the calendar for 2024.

15th March –Breakout Summit at SJSU starting with Fireside Chat of Congressman from Silicon Valley.

7th May — Breakout Summit during Milken LA at OMM Law, starting with Fireside Chat of Congressman from Southern California.

13th Sept: Main Summit at Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. Strong participation of Congressmen, Head of States etc. are expected.

                In addition to joint events with AIF which will always begin with a Fireside Chat with a Congressman or Head of State, we will continue to have our Signature CVC/VC/Angel funding events

  • 9th Jan During JP Morgan – our annual premier Lifescience Event
  • 11/12 Jan CES Centerstage
  • 9th May adjacent to RSA
  • End of September – adjacent to Techcrunch
  • Once a month: Online and Hybrid with our partner Berkeley Global
  • and more in planning right now…

LA Tribune: Thank you so much for sharing with us all the updates from Pitch Global. We look forward to covering your Milken LA Summit and sharing your periodic updates with the LA Tribune community.

KC: Thanks for having me.

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