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Vision Lab in South LA Spearheads Initiative for Entrepreneurial Growth

Los Angeles, December 15th – The Vision Lab in South Los Angeles took a significant step forward in technological equity on December 9th, unveiling a new initiative to support emerging entrepreneurs and bridge the digital divide. This event highlighted the ongoing efforts to combat inequity in the tech sector, focusing on empowering new talent in the entrepreneurial world.

The ceremony was distinguished by the participation of Kenyelle Ash, a key member of the Dolphin Panel, which brought a dynamic reminiscent of the “Shark Tank” series. Ash, together with Rick Hack, Head of Entertainment Partnerships at Intel, and Jennifer Laurent, a prominent Los Angeles businesswoman, imparted their insights to a group of ‘Visioneers.’ These Visioneers had just concluded a rigorous 10-week program, equipping them with the necessary skills to turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

Kenyelle Ash played a pivotal role, providing constructive feedback and guidance to these aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the path to business growth and brand development. The event, organized under the patronage of the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Finance & Innovation, celebrated the Visioneers’ accomplishments and reinforced the commitment to fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial landscape.

Rick Hack praised Kenyelle Ash for her invaluable advice and natural ease in mentoring, recognizing her as an inspirational figure for future leaders.

The Vision Lab in South LA, through this initiative, has become not just a program but a change agent. It stands as a testament to the community’s desire to overcome digital disparities and to forge a future that is equitable, innovative, and full of opportunities.

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