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Business of the Year Award Winner: Jamar Williams

San Diego, CA – The Los Angeles Tribune proudly announces Jamar Williams as the recipient of this year’s prestigious Business of the Year Award. Williams, the innovative mind behind Promo Drone, has distinguished himself and his company as a leader in the field of advanced drone technology.

Founded in 2016 in San Diego, Promo Drone under Williams’s guidance, has revolutionized the way drone technology is perceived and utilized in various sectors including public safety, event management, and advertising. With a commitment to making aerial drone operations more transparent, engaging, and community-friendly, Williams has steered his company to new heights.

Promo Drone’s remarkable success can be attributed to its holistic approach in offering tailored solutions to each client. Understanding the unique demands of different industries, the company has developed drones equipped with dynamic messaging, high visibility, mobility, versatility, weather resistance, and sophisticated remote control and scheduling capabilities. This commitment to versatility and functionality is at the core of Promo Drone’s operational philosophy.

However, what truly sets Williams’s company apart is its dedication to comprehensive customer support. From initial setup to ongoing technical assistance, Promo Drone ensures that its clients fully harness the potential of its technology. With a team boasting extensive experience in UAV operations, compliance, product development, brand marketing, and public safety protocols, Promo Drone is not just a provider of technology but a partner in innovation.

Jamar Williams’s vision for Promo Drone extends beyond merely selling a product. He envisions a future where drone technology plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between UAV advancements and human experience. His motto, “Rise to the occasion,” reflects a commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations and needs of clients.

The Business of the Year Award is more than just an accolade; it’s a recognition of Jamar Williams’s passion, innovation, and the impactful contributions of Promo Drone to the field of UAV technology. As Promo Drone continues to ascend, it sets a new standard in the industry, shaping the future of outdoor messaging and yielding impactful results for organizations worldwide.

Congratulations to Jamar Williams and the entire team at Promo Drone on this well-deserved honor!

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