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Doctor’s Touch and Giloh Morgan’s Visionary’s Quest for Genuine Relief and Wellness

In the vast realm of pain management, few have dared to challenge the status quo and seek truly transformative solutions. Enter Giloh Morgan, the visionary CEO and founder of Doctor’s Touch. With a palpable passion and a personal mission, Morgan embarked on a journey to redefine our understanding of pain relief.

Erase The Pain was born out of Morgan’s personal encounter with pain. It all began in 2017, driving frequently between Claremont and Las Vegas, a 3.5-hour drive each way, before his mother’s passing in 2019. Over time, he began noticing a persistent pain in his left hip, possibly from prolonged sitting or not maintaining a proper posture during his drives. 

One harrowing day, while discussing his discomfort with a friend, he pondered aloud, “Is there something I can do to erase the pain?” This moment began Morgan’s research and development journey, driven by a singular goal: to create something to help people “erase the pain.” 

As the son of a revolutionary chiropractor, Morgan recognized the profound impact of chronic pain on the lives of everyday individuals right from the a young age. In his interview with The Los Angeles Tribune, Morgan shared, “My dad is a chiropractor and a pastor. He’s retired from both now, but being a son of a chiropractor in those days, I was around natural medicine all the time. I’m proud to say my dad was the first chiropractor in Detroit, Michigan, in the late 60s to be hired by Henry Ford Hospital as a consultant. That’s unheard of. He’s a brilliant man, and he constantly taught us about health in our home.” 

Morgan recalls how his father taught him from a young age that our bodies are made to heal themselves. Morgan shared, “He told me as a little boy that our bodies will fight that pain, white blood cells will go to that area to start doing the healing. He had a firm view that his patients should be healed within seven visits. I remember him saying, ‘I want my patient’s testimonials to say ‘I’m done. I feel great!’ That’s a better testimony than ‘I’m still going to the doctor.’ 

One of the gifts that led Morgan to his passion for erasing pain today came from growing up astutely aware of people in pain because of his father’s occupation and passion. Morgan reminisces, “Growing up, I could see pain in people. Whether it’s the athlete striving for excellence, the teacher molding young minds, or the truck driver ensuring our goods reach their destination, pain touches us all.” It was the awareness of this universal struggle and understanding “how much natural medicine facilitates  our bodies to heal themselves,” from Morgan’s own words, that fueled his determination to find a better way to erase the pain.

Harmonizing Passion and Patience: The Story of Giloh Morgan from Beats to Pain Relief

There’s something unique about Morgan’s ground zero. Having made well for himself in Music Production before his own battle with pain, Morgan had time on his side and patience as his partner. He didn’t get in the pursuit of pain relief to make a quick buck. He reckons feeling as if he was “designed to figure this out.” He shares, “I was the kid who would try and figure things out. I would sit with a new keyboard and its manual for 234 days until I figured it out. I wasn’t easily distracted. I was like, “Oh, okay, I just want to give it one more minute. I wanted to figure out this one little thing, and that would turn into two more hours. That’s just part of who I am. And that was at a young age figuring out musical equipment.”

Ultimately, Morgan attributes Doctors Touch products’ high levels of efficacy and success to patience. Morgan shares, “I’m patient in researching those values that have made Doctors Touch unique. I’m a patient person, and I’m not necessarily doing this for the money. I knew how bad my hip was hurting, and I knew if I had to find the solution for myself and if I needed a solution so bad, I figured other people would also need it.” 

Morgan envisioned a potent and pure solution, harnessing the power of nature’s finest ingredients. He states, “I think that we can have Doctor’s Touch be a legacy name that people will look to for health solutions. Why not? Let’s find the best solutions that we can find. Let’s offer people the best products we can get that are American-made.”

Morgan’s statements were passionate and determined, and it is clearly about more than just creating a product. For Morgan, it was about crafting an experience that could transform lives, restore hope, and reignite the passions dulled by persistent pain.

With eyes that glimmered like a little kid sharing his dreams, Morgan shared, “I want to erase the pain that limits people. I don’t even want them worrying about the pain, like, ‘If I bend over, will my back hurt?’. Or when we have pain, we’re constantly checking that area, ‘Oh, is it still there?’ It becomes a nuisance for us.” Morgan continued, “I want them to live their full potential without worrying. Like the pain automatically just magically disappears”. 

Under Morgan’s astute leadership, Doctor’s Touch has emerged as a beacon of hope in a world riddled with temporary fixes and fleeting relief. More than just being a brand, it has become a movement that champions the hard workers, the dreamers, the doers. This is a movement that believes in the power of nature, the strength of science, and the potential within us all.

As we navigate the complexities of modern life, Doctor’s Touch stands as a testament to Morgan’s unwavering commitment to bettering the lives of millions. It’s a promise of a brighter, pain-free future and a tribute to the indomitable human spirit.

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