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Los Angeles Tribune Honors Bruno Serato as Humanitarian of the Year

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Tribune has named Sir Bruno Serato as the Humanitarian of the Year, recognizing his extraordinary efforts in supporting underprivileged children and families. The prestigious award will be presented at the Black and Gold Gala on December 3, 2023. More information about the gala can be found at

From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact
Bruno Serato’s journey is one of remarkable determination and compassion. Arriving in the U.S. from Italy with only $200 and no English skills, Serato’s hard work propelled him from a busboy to the owner of the Anaheim White House restaurant, a favorite among U.S. Presidents, sports stars, and celebrities.

A Heart for Children
However, it’s Serato’s humanitarian work that has earned him global acclaim. In 2005, after witnessing a young boy at a local Boys and Girls Club eating potato chips for dinner, Serato, guided by his mother Caterina, started serving pasta to children in need. This act of kindness has grown into a mission feeding 5,000 children daily across 90 sites in 30 cities, with over 3 million meals served to date through Caterina’s Club.

More than Meals: Housing and Education Initiatives
Beyond feeding children, Serato has also focused on assisting “motel families” transition to permanent housing. He has helped over 220 families escape motel living by providing the necessary funds for apartment deposits. Additionally, Serato’s latest initiative is the Hospitality Program in collaboration with the Anaheim Union High School District. This program diverts high school students from negative influences by introducing them to the food, hospitality, and service industries, including hands-on experience and paid internships.

Acclaimed and Honored Worldwide
Serato’s work has garnered attention and accolades globally. His story has been featured in People Magazine, CBS, NBC, CNN, and numerous international media outlets. His honors include being named a CNN Hero, knighthood by the Italian government and the Royal House of Savoy, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, a papal blessing from Pope Francis, and many more. His speeches and press appearances worldwide focus on raising awareness about the needs of children.

A Night of Celebration
The Black and Gold Gala promises to be a night of celebration and recognition for Serato’s impactful humanitarian work. The event is anticipated to gather notable figures from various sectors, all coming together to honor a man whose life’s work has been dedicated to uplifting the most vulnerable in society.

For further information and to support this cause, visit Caterina’s Club and

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