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The Grand Diwali Spectacle: A Celebration of Culture & Unity, Tradition & Trend with Shagun Gupta

LOS ANGELES, CA – The City of Angels is set to witness a Diwali celebration like no other. Announcing the annual Biggest Diwali Event of the Year happening on Friday, November 3, 2023 at the Cerritos Center for The Performing Arts.

This grandeur event, in collaboration with The Los Angeles Tribune and many other sponsors, partners and vendors, will be hosted by the illustrious Shagun Gupta, promising an evening of opulence, culture, and unforgettable memories.

Diwali, often referred to as the “Festival of Lights,” is a time-honored tradition celebrated by millions worldwide. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. This event aims not only to honor this ancient tradition but also to elevate it, showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian culture in the heart of Los Angeles.

Guests will be transported into a world of luxury and celebration. From rubbing shoulders with the city’s elite influencers and personalities to indulging in a sensory feast of delectable cuisine, mesmerizing live music, captivating dance performances, and high-end fashion shows. And as the night progresses, the infectious energy of a live DJ will ensure the dance floor remains the place to be.

Shagun Gupta, the visionary behind this event, is not just an esteemed philanthropist and accomplished entrepreneur but also a beacon of empowerment for women entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds. Her mantra, “When women support women, amazing things happen,” resonates deeply with the essence of Diwali – unity, celebration, and the power of light.

For brands and businesses, this event is an unparalleled opportunity. With a diverse and influential community in attendance, sponsors will gain significant exposure, fostering connections with potential clients, business partners, and decision-makers within the Indian diaspora and beyond.

In a city as vibrant and diverse as Los Angeles, the Biggest Diwali Event stands out as a beacon of cultural celebration and unity. It’s more than just an event; it’s an experience, a memory in the making. Don’t miss out on what promises to be the talk of the town. Secure your place and be part of this dazzling Diwali extravaganza.

For more information, sponsorship opportunities, or to acquire tickets, visit LA Fashion Closet

About Diwali

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture. It celebrates new beginnings, the victory of light over darkness, and good over evil. For many, it’s a time for reflection, renewal, and the strengthening of family and friendships.

About Shagun Gupta

Shagun Gupta is an esteemed philanthropist, accomplished entrepreneur, and the visionary founder and CEO of LA Fashion Closet. Her organization serves as an exceptional platform dedicated to showcasing and empowering women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds

Through the production of upscale fashion events, Shagun facilitates valuable opportunities for women entrepreneurs to unite, collaborate, network, and present their businesses to an expansive audience.

Central to her brand’s ethos is the profound mantra, “When women support women, amazing things happen.” With an unwavering commitment, Shagun empowers women to harness and leverage their skills, fostering life-changing endeavors.

About LA Fashion Closet

LA Fashion Closet has, over the years, crafted a niche in orchestrating events that are not mere gatherings but cultural symposiums. Their repertoire, from the Diwali Dhamaka to the V-Day Red Affair, stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering community dialogues and engagements.

For the discerning brands and patrons, this event is not just an opportunity but an invitation. An invitation to engage with a mosaic of cultures, ideas, and influences, fostering dialogues that transcend beyond the evening.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Los Angeles, the Boggest Diwali Event promises to be a luminous thread, weaving together narratives of tradition and modernity. It’s not just an evening; it’s an epoch. Ensure your presence in this cultural renaissance.

For more information, sponsorship opportunities, or to acquire tickets, visit LA Fashion Closet

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