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Dive into a New Era of Flavor: Korean Live Seafood’s U.S. Debut Makes Waves at LA’s Intercrew Event

From Ocean to Table: Korean Live Seafood journeys via LIVECON’s innovative technology aquariums from Korea to America, redefining freshness in American dining.

LOS ANGELES, California – In a momentous gathering of culinary innovation and cross-continental collaboration, JJ Seafoods, a dedicated live seafood distributor based in Los Angeles, joined forces with ARA F&D, Korea’s foremost live seafood distribution powerhouse, to orchestrate a captivating evening of epicurean delight at Intercrew in Los Angeles on October 10th, 2023.

An Epicurean Showcase: Introducing Korean Live Seafood to the U.S.

Intercrew kitchen staff meticulously preparing every plate under the supervision of Intercrew Executive Chef, Johnny Tran (farthest person to the right)

This auspicious occasion heralded the arrival of premium Korean live seafood onto the predominantly frozen seafood stage in the United States. From ocean to table, Korean Live Seafood’s epic journey captures the essence of an extraordinary odyssey. With a shared mission to ignite awareness and establish new avenues of distribution, luminaries from key seafood import and distribution companies in the United States graced the event. Notable among them was Park, Wan-soo, the esteemed Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, a driving force behind the technological advancements, and representatives from the Agricultural and Fishery Marketing Corporation, who generously sponsored the event.

Victor Pak, CEO of JJ Seafoods, expressed a warm welcome with his hope that the event would demonstrate “the enriching and fruitful opportunity to breathe life into items that were previously considered impossible to distribute in the U.S. live seafood consumption market.” 

Victor Pak, CEO of JJ Seafoods, giving welcoming remarks.

The evening unfolded with an illuminating presentation by Park, Tae-il, the visionary CEO of ARA F&D. As the audience gazed in awe, explainer videos illuminated the meticulous safety protocols and peerless quality management practices employed in the production of Korean live seafood. Park expressed his heartfelt aspiration, stating, “Through this remarkable event, I seek to champion the excellence and value of Korean live seafood far and wide, particularly in the Los Angeles area. Our commitment to providing healthy seafood to people worldwide remains unwavering.”

Tae-il Park, CEO of ARA F&D, is explaining the process and operation of LIVE CON technology.

Governor Park, Wan-soo, the esteemed Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, an ardent supporter of technological advancements, delivered a rousing congratulatory speech, brimming with enthusiasm.

The Tasting Symphony: Delight and Discovery

Savor the Spectacle: Korean Live Seafood Shines at LA’s Intercrew Event

The ten-course tasting extravaganza, featuring custom dishes and meticulously curated wine pairings, became the zenith of the evening. Guests had the privilege of savoring live seafood delicacies imported from Korea, including flounder, golden flounder, rockfish, and red seabream, all artfully prepared by the gifted Executive Chef at Intercrew, Johnny Tran. Tran himself, marveled at the experience of preparing the dishes. “During the process of developing the menu for this event, I had the opportunity to experience the freshness that was previously unimaginable. The texture of the prepared dishes is much smoother and more tender with Korean Live Seafood compared to conventional frozen seafood”, he shared.

“During the process of developing the menu for this event, I had the opportunity to experience the freshness that was previously unimaginable. The texture of the prepared dishes is much smoother and more tender with Korean Live Seafood compared to conventional frozen seafood.”

Intercrew Executive Chef, Johnny Tran

Amidst the hushed symphony of delighted whispers and soft music, the ten-course tasting unfolded, leaving guests spellbound in a tantalizing reverie. With each meticulously crafted dish, a cascade of flavors unfurled. A symphony of “uhhms” and “anhhs” resonated through the air, a symposium of surprise and delight that danced on every palate. The event culminated in an exquisite crescendo, leaving attendees craving an encore, a subtle longing for the flavors that had redefined their expectations of freshness

(From Left): Intercrew Executive Chef Johnny Tran, Intervrew CFO David Choi (Transparent Arts), The Los Angeles Trubune Editor-in-Chief Ava Manuel, Intercrew Managing Partner Daniel Park (Producer), Owner of JunWon Chicken Jeff Nun, and LA Events producer Alice Han.

As if the explosive flavors weren’t intoxicating enough, connecting the flavor to the freshness, an exquisite aquarium on site showcased the cutting-edge technology employed in the transportation of live seafood from Korea, and amplified the visual splendor of the experience.

Innovations in Freshness: Technology and Revolution

Seafood import and distribution company representativesare tasting dishes made from fresh live seafood transported from Korea.

Korean live seafood, already a paragon of quality on the global stage, presently graces tables in countries including the United States, Vietnam, Canada, and Taiwan. The industrious ARA F&D, specializing in Korean live seafood exports, has achieved the remarkable export of approximately $30 million in products from 2011 to the first half of 2023.

The roots of this culinary revolution trace back to ARA F&D’s pioneering work in live seafood container (LIVE CON) technology, which began in 2009. This innovation, employed for global live seafood exports, has since undergone a commendable expansion into overseas markets in 2016. Their technological portfolio also includes a sophisticated smart system that tracks the LIVE CON containers during transportation, vigilantly monitors water temperatures, and promptly identifies power supply anomalies, assuring the safety of imported live seafood from Korea.

This game-changing LIVE CON technology, bestowed with the prestigious K-FISH certification by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Korea, stands poised to usher in a renaissance in the predominantly frozen seafood distribution realm in the United States, as Korean live seafood exports gain momentum.

For inquiries related to the procurement and distribution of Korean live seafood in the United States, we invite you to reach out to Victor Pak, the visionary CEO of JJ Seafoods, at 213-255-8849 or via email at This event marks not just a culinary milestone but a testament to the spirit of innovation that will reshape the seafood landscape in America, leaving a trail of flavor, freshness, and fervor in its wake.

About the Korean Live Seafood Showcase

This event was produced by AAAZA, an acronym for “Asian American A to Z Agency”, a multicultural marketing and advertising agency, and was emceed by Jay Kim, president of AAAZA. To find out more about AAAZA, visit AAAZA.

(From Left): LA Events Producer Alice Han, Intercrew Executive Chef Johnny Tran, AAAZA President Jay Kim, and The Los Angeles Tribune Editor-in-Chief Ava V. Manuel.

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