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Dr. Bill Janeshak Named Top Chiropractor in Orange County by Los Angeles Tribune

Yorba Linda, CA – Dr. Bill Janeshak, a beacon of holistic health and an advocate for natural medical approaches, has been honored as the top chiropractor in Orange County by the Los Angeles Tribune.

Dr. Bill Janeshak being presented with the award by celebrity model Christine Smith former Playboy Playmate Miss December

With a compelling personal journey that drives his passion, Dr. Janeshak’s transformative experience with chiropractic care in 1987 marked the genesis of his illustrious career. After 18 years of battling a seizure disorder that was merely partially managed by medication, it was chiropractic care that brought him the life-altering results he had sought. This profound experience ignited a fervor, leading him to decide, “I had to become a Chiropractor.”

Dr. Janeshak embarked on his formal education, culminating in his graduation from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1996. However, for him, this wasn’t the end but just the beginning of a lifelong quest for knowledge. Since then, he has pursued and achieved numerous degrees in diverse fields such as biomechanics, neurology, rehabilitation, functional medicine, nutrition, psychology, diagnostic testing, and lab work. His encompassing approach to health and well-being is encapsulated in his words: “When people ask me why I’m studying so many different things, I tell them I’m not, I study one thing, the natural approach to helping people.”

Since 1999, the Yorba Linda community has been privileged to have Dr. Janeshak and his expertise, as he set up his practice, Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic Clinic, in the heart of the city. Specializing in complex cases often related to stress, he employs a unique blend of traditional Chiropractic care, Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Stress Relieving techniques to provide holistic treatment.

Outside of his clinic, Dr. Janeshak is renowned for his contributions as a public speaker. Whether it’s imparting knowledge on injury prevention or nutrition to small businesses, teaching neurology and physiology at postgraduate colleges, or captivating audiences with his signature talk “Never Say, ‘It’s Just Stress’ Again,” his expertise and passion shine through.

This latest accolade from the Los Angeles Tribune is a testament to Dr. Janeshak’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of his patients and his dedication to advancing the field of chiropractic care. The community of Yorba Linda and beyond are fortunate to have such a luminary in their midst.

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