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Anaheim White House Declared the Crème de la Crème in Orange County by Los Angeles Tribune

Playboy Playmate (Miss December) Christine Smith honoring Chef Bruno with the Award

Anaheim, CA – It’s official! Anaheim White House Restaurant now dons the crown as the top dining destination in all of Orange County. The Los Angeles Tribune has recently honored the iconic landmark with this prestigious accolade, emphasizing its unbeatable combination of rich history, delectable cuisine, and a legacy of community service.

The Anaheim White House Ranked Number One Restaurant

The coveted title of being Orange County’s premier restaurant is no small feat. In a region bursting with culinary talent and a plethora of dining options, Anaheim White House stands out, not just for its mouth-watering dishes but for the incredible story behind its walls.

Nestled in the heart of Anaheim, the White House’s narrative is a tapestry of history and resilience. Built in 1909 by Dosithe Gervais, this national historical landmark, over the decades, transitioned from a family home to “The White House Restaurant” envisioned by Jim and Barbara Stovall in 1981. Chef Bruno Serato, hailing from San Bonifacio, Verona, brought the vision to life in 1987, captivating patrons with his Northern Italian Steak House masterpieces.

Chef Bruno with the leadership team of the Los Angeles Tribune

The journey, however, presented challenges. A devastating fire in February 2017 might have reduced any other establishment to memories, but the Anaheim White House was reborn. By April 2018, the restaurant, with renewed vigor, flung open its doors, much to the joy of its devoted clientele.

The accolade from the Los Angeles Tribune, celebrating it as the zenith of Orange County’s dining scene, reflects the restaurant’s unmatched quality and service. It is not just about the ambiance or the dishes but the soul of the place, deeply intertwined with the community. The restaurant is also the epicenter of Caterina’s Club, a heartwarming initiative founded by Chef Bruno and his late mother, Caterina, in 2005. This mission, starting from a single act of kindness, now touches the lives of 3,500 children every day.

Chef Bruno Serato, the man steering both the dining and philanthropic ventures, began his culinary odyssey at just 14 in Northern Italy. Today, he stands as a culinary icon, having served a diverse clientele, from global celebrities to local families, always ensuring each plate served is a masterpiece.

As the Anaheim White House basks in the glow of its latest achievement, it does so with grace and gratitude. Being recognized as the top restaurant in Orange County isn’t just a testament to its exceptional cuisine but also to its enduring spirit, commitment to community, and the unyielding passion of Chef Bruno Serato. This honor is a delicious reminder of the magic that happens when culinary brilliance meets a heart full of compassion.

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