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Rogue Bunnies Event: A Nostalgic Celebration in Sin City

In a city renowned for lavish events and grandeur, Las Vegas is set to relive the golden age of Hollywood glam this week. Spearheaded by Victoria Fuller, Playboy’s Miss January 1996, the city will see a blast from the past titled “Mansion 2.0 Las Vegas.” Scheduled to be held on the 14th of September, the affair promises to be the next best thing to a soirée at a certain iconic Hollywood Mansion.

The event is an ode to the glamorous past of Playboy Mansion parties, which saw a mix of A-list celebrities, opulence, and some of the most beautiful women from around the world. This celebration stands not just as a tribute to the parties but to the community it represented.

Recalling her time at the Mansion, Fuller said, “There are so many memories, it was a lifestyle for 25 years… Hef created a place where everybody knows your name, and no matter your ‘status’ or lack thereof, you were around friends and peers. A place of acceptance and community.”

After the passing of the legendary Hugh Hefner, the world thought that the end of an era had arrived. However, this week’s event, christened by the ‘Rogue Bunnies’, attempts to reignite the very essence of those celebrated gatherings.

The advertisement for the event tantalizingly reads: “Ever dream of partying at a certain famous Hollywood Mansion with A-list celebrities and the most beautiful women on the planet? Are you missing the glory days of Mansion since the passing of our beloved Hugh Hefner? Well now’s your chance!! The Rogue Bunnies are hosting our next IRL event – Mansion 2.0 Las Vegas on September 14th, 2023 at the Verona Sky Villa at Westgate during the BREATHE Convention and in partnership with Nextsio!”

The Verona Sky Villa at Westgate, known for its luxurious setting and panoramic views of the city, seems to be the perfect choice for an event that seeks to recreate the Playboy Mansion’s vibes.

While attendees are eagerly awaiting the experience, it’s evident that Mansion 2.0 Las Vegas will be more than just a party – it’s a tribute to a bygone era of camaraderie, celebrity, and charisma. The lights of Las Vegas will shine a bit brighter this week, drawing in those yearning for a taste of nostalgia and the hope for new memories to cherish.

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