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Death In Goldy’s Corner

The title was meant to make you click. This is an important article and I’d like to you really think about it. Think about this message for everyone in your life. Not just the celebrities but giving people credit where credit is due. It matters. 

Sometimes I find myself getting angry when I see somebody die and then everybody jumps on the bandwagon posting photos of that person or interactions. I know everyone means well and they want to celebrate the life of the person who passed. This makes perfect sense and I’m not throwing any shade rather let’s shed some light on the flip side of things.

I want to encourage everyone to celebrate the people that they love and admire while they are still alive. I really love seeing some of the people out there constantly posting their favorite bands, artists, actors, or celebrities. They hail activists complimenting them on their work and praising them for their efforts. They have hashtags these days which is absolutely brilliant. There are Google notifications you can program to notify you when something of interest is happening. It’s right there at your fingertips so why not use these resources for the good? I applaud the people doing it and I want to remind you to continue. Every once and a while I ‘Google” myself just to stay relevant on the praise or even hate. It all equals out for me but I like to know. Thanks to those who have something good to say. It means the world. So many wrestling supporters tag me in interviews where someone has something kid to say. You are a BIG deal and matter so much to me.

I remember being in high school and having the unfortunate circumstance of some of my classmates passing away at an early age. Many times these were unpopular kids that no one even knew was alive when they WERE alive. Yet upon finding out they died, kids would go into hysterics acting like they really cared when I knew they didn’t. It was all part of the sad and extreme theater. Not that I don’t Love good theater! But there is a time and a place. Those kids that had gone before their time deserved some decency and respect.  We need to have some more sincerity throughout the world and reverence.

I’m writing an open letter to ask everyone to share content that supports the people who create the art or content they love. It costs nothing to be kind and share current works. It’s completely free to hit that like and subscribe button helping boost someone’s channel. That simple task leads to monetization and income for them. It only takes a second.

Make it a part of your weekly routine to sound that horn and ring that bell. Celebrities and artists are human beings just like everyone else. As much as we think they don’t see what the public writes many of them do. When you hear about someone taking their own life in entertainment it makes me wonder. What if we all had done a better job letting them know we see them? If Robin Williams and Kate Spade knew how much their art mattered would they have stayed around?

Photo By Brigitte Lacombe

This article is inspired by Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth. I saw that he just passed. I knew him as a colleague and worked with him several times. I can honestly say throughout the last 10 years I would post these photos and talk about the positive experience that I had with him. 

It was a hot day in the countryside of Nashville Tennessee. I remember we were all just sweating tears through every pore in our bodies. Steve was very excited as he recently lost a lot of weight and was living a very healthy lifestyle at the time.  He was super grateful for the opportunity to get some new images that showcase the work he put in.

Steve Harwell by

 I remember shooting in several different barns and rustic environments. It was dirty and not always rockstar ready but he did everything I asked him to.  No matter what the vignette he was down for the count. I really appreciated his enthusiasm. That allows me to do the best job that I can and try to get some epic shots. For the most part, I can say so many of the celebrities I’ve had the privilege of shooting have followed suit.

Steve Harwell by

 I remember showing him his finished frames and having him light up like a Christmas tree. he was so thankful and so kind and that always makes a fellow artist feel their best. that’s the theme of this article is making artists aware they’re doing something to add value or change your life. but people do it while they’re still alive.

Steve Harwell by

As long as we are celebrating folks who are still walking this Earth I will throw in the mix Randy Houser. He is one of the most beautiful country artists that I’ve ever photographed. his talent is mind-blowing and his attitude even more. he did everything I asked him to do and with a smile. I’m so happy to see his family, wife, and three kids Flourishing and enjoying everything this life has to offer. it makes my heart smile.

Randy Houser by

I will leave this completing a trilogy of one more artist who is still alive whom I have worked with for years and admire greatly. I’ve had the honor of shooting Colt Ford’s photos for over a decade. it’s the call that I always look forward to the most because I know his attitude, wardrobe and overall Vibe will be off the charts. This brother always shows up Exemplifying the very meaning of Rockstar only in the country realm.

Colt Ford by

He’s always calm he’s always collected and has one rocking team. Average Joes Entertainment has the best hair and makeup artists, stylists and so many of the record label team show up for support. I even had one of his advisors who also shoots give me some solicited wonderful photography advice. How many times does that happen? Thank you Julian!

Colt Ford by

So here is an article that’s positive and celebrates some incredible artists still alive and one who has just gone to be with the Lord. I have a favor to ask if you’re reading this and that is that you just go to the page of somebody who helps you get through the day whether it be a musical artist, actress, actor Influencer, or advocate.  Please just do something to show them some love and support while they’re still around to enjoy it.

I know Jimmy Buffett is enjoying his forever margarita in heaven. Singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett (1946-2023) regaled audiences for over five decades with songs about the faces and places he’d seen during his lifetime journey along the road less traveled. He entertained millions of people with his singing and songwriting telling the stories of the wanderers, the adventurers, and the forlorn. In 1977 came “Margaritaville.” A laid-back anthem about escapism and life in the tropics, the song spent 22 weeks on the Billboard chart, peaking at number 8. It catapulted Jimmy to national fame and, nearly a decade later, inspired Jimmy to launch a business empire.

Jimmy passed away peacefully on the night of September 1st surrounded by his family, friends, music, and dogs after a four-year battle with Merkel Cell Skin Cancer. He was 76.

He lived his life like a song till the very last breath and will be missed beyond measure by so many.

To all the artists that passed this year, thank you for the musical legacies you leave behind and the songs that live forever as the musical soundtracks to our lives. We see you still.

Just remember, “All The Glitters IS Gold”

Stay Golden


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