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The Closest Thing to a Weight Loss Cure

“You aren’t failing diets rather diets are failing you” says Dr. Ariel Soffer. According to multiple publications, including Psychology Today, the average person will go on 162 diets during their lifetime and 1 out of 5 people are on some kind of diet right now. Even with little results for most it’s big business for many. So, what’s the answer and does Dr. Soffer have it?

I’ve spoken with more than a few medical experts and fitness gurus about weight loss, but Dr. Soffer has to be the most accomplished I’ve come across. After graduating high school at 16 he went on to graduate with Distinction from University of Miami Medical School, followed by internship and residency at Cedar Sinai/UCLA only then to graduate from Harvard Business School, Executive Management Program, followed by being the team physician for NHL’s Florida Panthers and the on air medical expert of ABC television, all while creating patents for medical devices some of which went on to launch 8 figure companies. If this wasn’t enough (and trust me there are plenty of accomplishments I left out) he too has struggled with his weight and the dieting world or at least he used to.

The Epidemic of Obesity

In a society inundated with processed food and lured by the ubiquity of fast-food establishments, the struggle against obesity is a harsh reality. Americans find themselves besieged by advertisements and stimuli that trigger their cravings, leading to imprudent dietary choices and subsequent weight gain.  It is a relentless battle . . . the temptations of unhealthy food options surround us constantly. In his book, SimpleMD®, Dr. Soffer writes, “Modern society is characterized by an abundance of high calorie, high fat, highly processed foods, as well as a sedentary lifestyle. These factors make it difficult for individuals to maintain a healthy weight, and they contribute to the development of obesity.” The introduction of GLP-1 agonists, a medication now used to treat obesity, brings a glimmer of hope.

While the statistics concerning obesity among Americans are deeply troubling, what is perhaps of greater concern is that the prevalence of obesity has soared over the past few decades, almost tripling since the 1970s. Alarmingly, rates of childhood obesity have also experienced a staggering increase, affecting approximately one in every five children. These statistics emphasize the pressing need for comprehensive interventions and strategies to tackle the escalating obesity crisis and foster healthier lifestyles for individuals of all ages.

Dr. Soffer maintains that most of our national weight and weight loss discussion is misguided. He says, “Every individual has a natural set point weight. We can effectively and permanently alter our set points by making lasting changes in our lifestyles.”

The SimpleMD® Approach

SimpleMD® is a program Dr. Soffer developed to provide accessible wellness guidance to the general population. Dr. Soffer views medicine as an art and a craft dedicated to improving individuals’ well-being and overall fulfillment.

According to Dr. Soffer, “Successful weight loss is not achieved through extreme diets, but rather through the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle that includes modern medications, a Mediterranean lifestyle, maximized mealtime, and mindful movement.” The SimpleMD® weight loss program is distinct in the field of diets, as it aims to potentially impact a patient’s weight set point through adherence to its principles. Qualified physicians oversee the program, which includes physician-administered injections of GLP-1 medication. Patients connect with a team of specialists through an intuitive mobile app. This collaborative effort affords people the opportunity to make well-informed choices regarding their nutrition and lifestyle, fostering sustainable progress toward their weight loss objectives.

GLP-1: A Cutting-Edge Solution

GLP-1, an innovative pharmaceutical formulation for weight reduction, emerged as a game-changer in the realm of obesity management. Dr. Soffer experienced its transformative powers for himself, shedding an impressive 40 pounds within four months before prescribing it to his patients.

Through the first principle of his SimpleMD® program, Dr. Soffer’s patients have embarked on astonishing journeys of weight loss, jumpstarted by modern medication. GLP-1 medications serve as a valuable addition to the range of weight loss techniques by lessening the influence of external food cues and suppressing cravings; these medications empower individuals to make healthier dietary decisions. Dr. Soffer said, “GLP-1 medications have the ability to revolutionize our approach to obesity, much in the way the invention of stents revolutionized the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the 1990s.” These medications serve as a bridge to a healthier lifestyle and weight setpoint. “When people describe having difficulty losing weight or yo-yo dieting, it’s usually because they didn’t alter their weight set point,” Dr. Soffer stated. “GLP-1 medications can counteract years of inferior eating habits by helping suppress subconscious or conscious hunger and craving.”

It is important to note that GLP-1 medications are only available by prescription. With a deep concern for patient well-being, Dr. Soffer highlights the potential risks associated with these drugs if they were to be misused by individuals with eating disorders, such as anorexia. The responsible administration of GLP-1 medications lies in the hands of qualified healthcare professionals who thoroughly evaluate each patient’s unique circumstances, ensuring the utmost safety and efficacy of the treatment. Special caution is advised for breastfeeding women, as the impact of these medications on maternal and infant health requires careful consideration. Maintaining the prescription-only status of GLP-1 medications remains crucial in safeguarding patient welfare and ensuring optimal outcomes.

Dr. Soffer addresses the concerns of patients who harbor fears about the risks associated with taking medication for weight loss. Dr. Soffer advises his patients about the stark reality that being overweight carries its own set of risks, including an increased likelihood of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease. By shedding light on these potential consequences, Soffer emphasizes the importance of considering the risks associated with not taking the medication. While acknowledging the presence of side effects, he weighs them against the potential benefits and risks posed by untreated obesity, guiding patients toward a comprehensive understanding and informed decision-making process. Dr. Soffer provides his patients with the knowledge they need to navigate the complex landscape of weight loss and make choices that align with their long-term health and well-being.

The Significance of Nutrition

Acknowledging the pivotal role of nutrition in cardiovascular well-being, Soffer embarked on a mission to bring awareness to people about the paramount importance of adopting sound dietary habits. “How you think about food and the way your body thinks about food might be dramatically different. To you, food might be about flavor, companionship, comfort, family, fun, and lots of other emotionally driven things. Food is fuel and construction materials to your body,” Dr. Soffer said.

The second principle of SimpleMD® is to embrace a nourishing diet rooted in the rich traditions of Mediterranean cuisine. A symphony of flavors unfolds with the Mediterranean diet, placing utmost importance on savoring the goodness of fresh fruits, vibrant vegetables, wholesome whole grains, lean proteins, and the delightful richness of heart-healthy olive oil. Inspired by the time-honored gastronomic practices of Mediterranean nations, this culinary voyage has earned well-deserved acclaim for its profound impact on overall well-being.

Integrating the Mediterranean diet into the SimpleMD® program offers a framework that promotes sustainable weight loss with a lifestyle that supports it. The diet’s emphasis on nutrient-dense foods, moderation, and an active lifestyle aligns perfectly with the holistic approach of SimpleMD®, empowering people to embark on a transformative journey toward healthier living and improved vitality.

Dr. Soffer acknowledges the complexity of weight loss as a multifaceted challenge that extends beyond nutrition alone. He emphasizes the importance of adopting healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices to potentially alter an individual’s weight set point. By addressing various aspects of one’s lifestyle, such as dietary habits and physical activity, Dr. Soffer believes it is possible to facilitate meaningful and lasting weight loss. His approach encourages individuals to embrace long-term lifestyle changes rather than relying solely on temporary measures or restrictive diets.

Unleashing Your Potential with SimpleMD® Coaching

As any seasoned dieter can attest, the weight loss journey can be formidable, marked by its share of trials, setbacks, and triumphs. Having the guidance and support of an experienced professional is a crucial asset in staying on course and navigating myriad challenges along the way. The SimpleMD® app provides a remarkably easy way for patients to have direct communication with a dedicated coach. This personalized connection offers invaluable benefits, ranging from tailored guidance to effective tracking tools, expert insights, and the unwavering support of a compassionate community. With your coach as a steadfast ally, you gain the tools and encouragement needed to navigate the ups and downs of the weight loss journey, empowering you to persist, grow, and ultimately achieve your goals.

In stark contrast to other weight loss programs that revolve around calorie counting or restrictive pre-packaged meals, this program emphasizes the empowering act of making healthy food and lifestyle choices to change your weight set point. Despite the widespread presence of diet options, the epidemic of obesity continues to escalate. This realization stirs in many a deep sense of frustration and disappointment as the prevailing methods have failed to yield lasting results. Within the framework of the SimpleMD® program, a new ray of hope emerges, offering a refreshing approach that goes beyond quick fixes and fleeting results. “When following the principles of the SimpleMD®, you lose weight, lower your disease risk, and live longer,” Dr. Soffer said. Patients are encouraged to forge a genuine and sustainable path toward improved health and well-being by embracing the philosophy of nourishing their bodies with wholesome foods. It is an emotional call to break free from the cycles of disappointment and embrace a new perspective that paves the way for lasting transformation.

Dr. Soffer is passionate about making it easy to understand the weight reduction path. “Our goal at SimpleMD® is not to just be a resource to help people lose weight and keep it off, but to help everyone understand the data and then put to use the latest practical methods for humans to live healthier and longer,” he said. Through the SimpleMD® program, patients embark upon a holistic journey of weight loss, guided by experienced, knowledgeable physicians and supported by an experienced, specialized team of professionals. With GLP-1 agonists serving as a leading-edge solution, sustainable weight reduction becomes an attainable reality, allowing people to liberate themselves from the chains of obesity.

The Future of SimpleMD®

One of the most remarkable aspects of this program lies in its inherent scalability, unlocking the power of accessibility, and reaching people far and wide. Leveraging the boundless potential of telehealth, this transformative program transcends geographical barriers, extending its reach to people in every part of the country, no matter how distant from the physical realm of SimpleMD®’s home base. The digital infrastructure facilitates seamless connections, allowing the participation of people through an affiliated local doctor, or the convenience of telehealth services.

“Our philosophy of proper dietary consumption, scientific supplements, and medical supervision is designed to help our bodies help themselves or, at the very least, stop the accelerated self-destruction. We hope to continue to bring like-minded groups of clinicians and educators together with a single goal of conscientiously reviewing the growing body of global research . . .” Dr. Soffer said, “That is the goal of SimpleMD®, and we hope you can be a part of our humanistic mission.” The answer he prescribes for many (and what he takes himself) is FDA approved GLP-1 medications. Examples of these are Ozempic and Mounjaro. GLP-1 stands for Glucagon-like Peptide 1 and they are used to treat diabetes mellitus and obesity. This combined with Mediterranean style diets is quite effective according to Dr. Soffer although any diet is easier thanks to these new FDA approved GLP-1 medications that come in the form of a shot the a doctor administers. The reason being is to drastically reduces cravings which is the number one diet killer.

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