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Playmate Christine Smith, the Women of Cannabis Talk 101 Hosts American Pot Story Featuring Tommy Chong

Hollywood, CA, July 3, 2023 – In an unforgettable blend of cinema and activism, former Miss December and current cannabis advocate, Christine Smith, hosted the Los Angeles premiere of the award-winning documentary, American Pot Story made by Ravit Markus & Dan Katzir. The event highlighted the increasing influence of the cannabis movement in society and celebrated the film’s critical acclaim, including the Audience Award from the prestigious 2023 Slamdance Film Festival.

American Pot Story offers an in-depth exploration of the revolution in cannabis policy, illustrating the unknown origins and potential future of cannabis legislation. With an emphasis on the activists who risked it all to push for change, the film tells the inspiring story of how a handful of underdogs in Oakland, California, opened the first cannabis college, Oaksterdam University, and campaigned to get Prop 19 – a measure to legalize cannabis – on the California ballot.

The red carpet premiere in Hollywood served as a focal point for industry leading figures, including international celebrity Tommy Chong, to discuss and celebrate the film’s themes. Smith, a charismatic host, skillfully navigated the event, engaging with attendees in insightful conversations about the documentary and the broader issues it represents.

Christine Smith has been a prominent figure in the cannabis movement, using her platform to educate the public and raise awareness about the benefits and potential of cannabis. As the Women of Cannabis Talk 101, she is making strides to promote female representation in the industry, offering an inclusive and diverse perspective on the cannabis revolution.

Through her role as host and her engagement with celebrities and policy makers at the premiere, Smith helped to amplify the film’s message, shining a light on the compelling narrative and contributing to the ongoing dialogue around cannabis reform. The event served as a testament to the increasing acceptance of cannabis in society and the power of film as a tool for social commentary and change.

As the story of cannabis continues to unfold, American Pot Story is set to make a lasting impact. This documentary, bolstered by the advocacy of public figures like Christine Smith, is poised to ignite necessary conversations and foster greater understanding about the origins, struggles, and victories of the cannabis movement. Smith’s work in reshaping public perception is crucial as we enter this new era in cannabis policy, highlighting the continued relevance of this remarkable film.

Photo Credit: Oscar Rendon

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