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Ahern Hotel: A Hidden Treasure Named Las Vegas’ Official Must-Visit Hotel of the Year by The Los Angeles Tribune

LAS VEGAS, July 2, 2023 – Beyond the neon dazzle of the Las Vegas Strip lies a serene oasis of luxury that shatters the city’s traditional gaming-centric mold. This haven is none other than the Ahern Hotel, rightfully dubbed the ‘Gem of Vegas.’ The Los Angeles Tribune, a respected voice in travel, has just bestowed the hotel with its sought-after ‘Must Visit Hotel of the Year’ accolade.

The Los Angeles Tribune’s announcement aims to channel the gaze of the staggering 40 million people who flock to Vegas each year towards this mesmerizing destination. The Ahern Hotel masterfully merges the lavishness of a high-end hotel with the warmth of a beloved family home, making it an irresistible escape from the city’s frantic pace.

At the Ahern Hotel, service isn’t just a principle; it’s a passion. The team goes the extra mile, and then some, to make every guest feel like they’re not just another room number but a valued member of the Ahern family. This dedication to stellar service has set the Ahern Hotel apart amidst the whirlwind of commercialization sweeping Las Vegas.

As much as the hypnotic city lights, pulsating casinos, and grandiose shows represent the heartbeat of Vegas, an undercurrent of impersonality has crept into many of its gargantuan establishments, giving them an airport-like feel. But not at the Ahern. This hotel fiercely preserves its close-knit, family-like ethos, providing a breath of fresh air amidst the city’s burgeoning commercial bustle.

The captivating blend of top-notch amenities, plush accommodations, and an ever-present spirit of warmth and hospitality make the Ahern Hotel a riveting alternative to Vegas’ mainstream attractions. The recognition from the Los Angeles Tribune serves as a ringing endorsement of the Ahern’s unwavering commitment to true hospitality amidst the city’s relentless pursuit of extravagance.

The Ahern Hotel isn’t just about impeccable service and luxurious rooms. It is also home to a top-notch event center that can cater to any occasion. The Ahern event center, a marvel in its own right, is ready to host anywhere from 50 to 1500 people, making it a versatile space for any size gathering.

Hungry? Look no further than the on-site culinary delights offered by Ottimo Gourmet Kitchen and Pizzeria and Joel’s Chophouse. Whether you’re seeking a casual, pizza-based comfort meal or a high-end steak dining experience, the Ahern has it covered.

And for entertainment? The Ahern Live Theater serves up a host of performances, ensuring your time at Ahern is as enriching as it is relaxing.

The Ahern Hotel isn’t just an accommodation; it’s an experience – one that goes beyond the typical Vegas trip. Welcome to a world of unrivaled luxury, heartwarming hospitality, and enchanting entertainment, all under one roof. Your Vegas adventure awaits!

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